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To catch a shooting Star...

5 reasons Star Jackson transferring to Georgia State makes good sense.

Published: Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Updated: Tuesday, June 8, 2010 15:06

Star Jackson

Football player Star Jackson is transferring from Alabama to Georgia State.

On May 31, 2010, broke a story that Alabama's backup quarterback Star Jackson is transferring to another school.  It was a story that sparked a viral storm of internet articles, blogs and message board posts. 

It wasn't so much the news that Jackson was leaving, but rather that he is transferring from Alabama, a 13-time FBS national champion, to Georgia State, a program that has yet to play a single game. 

By all accounts, a start-up like Georgia State should have no business getting a player like Jackson, who by many expert accounts, would likely be the starting quarterback for most SEC teams this year.

Yet looking at it logically from Jackson's point of view, and taking into consideration that he wants immediate playing time without sitting out a year, transferring to Georgia State is quite possibly the best move he could have made right now.  Here are five great reasons why Jackson transferring to Georgia State makes perfect sense.

1. Familiarity with the coaching staff.

Let's face it, being a new recruit is never easy on a student athlete, but being a transfer is even harder.  By transferring to Georgia State, Jackson will reunite with his long time high school coach Anthony Midget, who is currently Georgia State's Defensive Backs and Special Teams coach. 

Midget was one of the instrumental figures in Jackson's life, helping him develop into one of the best high school quarterbacks in the country while at Lake Worth High School, FL.  Midget has always looked out for Jackson's best interest, and will continue to look out after him at Georgia State.  This will also put Jackson's family at ease, as they would know Star is in good hands.


2. Jackson will be priority No. 1 at Georgia State.

There is little doubt that Jackson never got the chance to shine and live up to his potential while at Alabama.  There is even less doubt that by coming to Georgia State, he will get the attention worthy of his talents.  Provided that he puts in the work, Jackson should be Georgia State's starting quarterback from day one, and his development and advancement would be second to none as far as coaching staff priorities go.  Behind powerful blocking of GA Tech transfers Joseph Gilbert and Clyde Yandell, as well as Auburn transfer Bailey Woods, Jackson will get to showcase not only his arm, but also his running skills. 

With an offense perfectly tailored to his abilities, the Georgia State coaching staff will give Jackson the type of support he could never get at Alabama, or likely anywhere else.


3. CAA is the strongest FCS conference in the country.

If Jackson is transferring to an FCS school from an SEC powerhouse, he might as well transfer to the conference that is considered the "SEC of FCS (D-IAA) football." The Colonial Athletic Association has produced four of the last seven FCS champions, and Georgia State is slated to enter the CAA in 2012.  This means Jackson will lead Georgia State's transition into the CAA his senior year, getting to prove himself against some of the toughest FCS teams in the country. 

It is important to note that the CAA sends dozens of players to the NFL each year including Pro-Bowlers like Joe Flacco, the starting quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens.  For Jackson, a legitimate NFL prospect, this will be the biggest stage he can shine on and prove his worth as far as FCS football is concerned.


4. Becoming a part of history.

If Jackson wants to play immediately for an FCS team, then why not do it at the biggest stage there is in FCS football: the Georgia Dome.  If Jackson went to pretty much any other FCS team, he would be just another transfer.  But at Georgia State, his name will likely be forever engraved into Georgia State's legacy as the school's first quarterback; the first player to take a snap; the first one to throw a pass, a touchdown, you name it. 

Georgia State has lofty aspirations of becoming a powerhouse, and with a city of over a 100,000 local alumni waiting for a player to rally around, Jackson could go down into history books as the guy who started it all.  There is simply no other opportunity in the country like the one Jackson will get at Georgia State.

5. Head coach Bill Curry.

There is no coach in the country, let alone in FCS football that has more accolades as a player, coach and ambassador of the sport of football than Coach Curry. 

Three Super Bowl appearances, two Pro Bowls, SEC Coach of the Year, ACC Coach of the Year, National Coach of the Year, and the list goes on.  Curry is perhaps as highly a decorated coach as there is in college football today, but most importantly, his name is synonymous with integrity, honesty and values.  Jackson would be in an environment where he could thrive as a football player as well as an individual.

Coming to Georgia State is simply a win-win-win-win-win proposition for Star Jackson and Georgia State.  Panther Nation is ecstatic with his decision.

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