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  • campus attack 1

    Student’s Attack Demands Police Emphasize Crime Prevention

    While many students were catching some rays or catching up on their studies over Spring Break, one student was fighting for his life after being brutally assaulted while walking on Decatur St. Thursday, March 1st.   The victim, whose name has been withheld for privacy, was jumped from behind by two black males between the ages of 14 and 17 at approximately 7:30 p.

  • Library Extends hours for finals week

      Finals are near and Georgia State has made the decision to extend library and Freshman Dining Hall hours throughout the rest of the semester.  Every day besides Sundays until the end of April, the library will be open with extended hours for students to use.

  • Developing a plan for the future

    Inside Georgia State’s Career Services division

            With graduation approaching, many Georgia State students are concerned about career opportunities and the highly competitive job market that awaits them.           University Career Services aims to relieve the anxiety of students entering the job market by providing both current students and  alumni with the tools necessary to gain employment.

  • SGA welcomes new officers

                Each leaving executive board member addressed the Senate of the Student Government Association last Thursday for their final officer reports and goodbyes.

               “Hey, look guys. This is my last one. Forever,” said James Dutton, SGA president, during his final President’s Minute.

    “I’ve learned so much and this has been an awesome experience, but if not for the people that we work with… we could not have accomplished anything,” Dutton said. “There’s still issues around campus, but look at what we have been able to do.”

               Dutton then listed changes like “24-hour study hall,” personal graduation ceremonies and the campus readership program, which offers free daily copies of USA Today and The New York Times, as evidence of the SGA’s involvement on campus.

              Other executive board members took their time to say goodbye and those like Marcus Kernizan, president-elect, discussed their roles in the organization for next year.

    SGA to sponsor finals study session

             Members of the Student Government Association at Georgia State University announced last Thursday the finalized hours for their late-night study hall for the week of finals and encouraged members to attend.

             Grace Lee, the SGA’s vice president of Student Services, said the popular program would again be held in the Freshman Dining Hall and would offer two additional nights from last year, bringing the total number of study nights up to six.

             Police will also be available to escort students to freshman hall from Library North when it closes at 2 a.m., two hours later than the library is normally open.

    Freshman Dining Hall will be open from 12 to five a.m. on April 17-19 and April 24-26.

            Over 1,300 students utilized the after-hours study session last semester, despite the fact that organizers only finalized the program a mere two weeks before opening.

    The hall will offer a version of the Library’s fifth floor quiet section in a designated glass-enclosed area.

             The university Office of the Provost’s support for the program was the force necessary for securing the two additional days from last year, Lee said.


  • Woodruff Park to get new playground

                With continuing efforts underway to transform it into the Downtown destination for healthy activity, Woodruff Park is undergoing some highly anticipated improvements, including the summer installation of a new playground.

  • A chat with... President Becker

    Last week, The Signal sat down with President Becker to discuss the most important issues for next y

      The Signal: First of all, congratulations on the FBS announcement. That’s a big deal for Georgia State.   Becker: Thanks. I think so. Yeah, absolutely.   The Signal: What do you think our status as an FBS school says about Georgia State now?   Becker: .

  • Washington D.C. just a start for Honors College

            In just three months Founding Dean of the Honors College Larry Berman has implemented some new additions to the Honors College program.

    One of the most beneficial opportunities for Honors College students is Berman’s plan to initiate an intern track in Washington D.C. next year. Berman has reached out to contacts at the University of California Washington Center and is looking forward to placing honors students in internships as early as summer 2013.

    “I have been to Washington and I have met with the people at the UC Washington program----we are right now beginning to plan the honors college program for the summer 2013,” Berman said.

              Berman says that interested honors students can have the opportunity to work in D.C. for a summer, and, in the future, some might work there longer.

    “We’ll send our first group of students to Washington for the entire summer and we’ll also start looking into a program for the academic year—but the summer program is definitely on its way,” Berman said.

    And while a working track in Washington D.C. would allow students to gain invaluable experience off campus, Dean Berman is also bringing some in-house opportunities for honors students to   learn new ways to get ahead.

              Among those opportunities included are the Dean’s Speaker Colloquium, started Apr. 5 with a theme based on how to effect social change and become involved in the community, and a new research journal featuring students’ submissions that is scheduled to be distributed in print this summer.

    Beefing up research opportunities for the Honors College doesn’t end there. In fact, this upcoming weekend Berman will be headed to Old Dominion University with some of Georgia State’s Honors College best.

             “Next weekend I’m taking eight of our best undergraduates who presented at the Undergraduate Research Conference, to the Colonial Academic Alliance Undergraduate Research Conference at Old Dominion University,” Berman said. “All of the schools are sending their best researchers and I’ll be there with our students.” Georgia State is slated to host this world event next year.

            Berman also says that the Honors College has been busy building local business. “We’ve been hiring a lot of people. We are in the midst of hiring and associate dean; we now have a librarian who is dedicated to our students, a brand new academic advisor and a developmental officer which is really exciting,” Berman said.

            Berman has made it clear that he means business about preparing the Honors College to make big strides in the near future. Additional elements to the college soon to be revealed will also include an exclusive Incept for honors students in the fall and a honors convocation ceremony.

    Berman continues to urge the Honors College to provide more opportunities for their students and says news of the biggest move is just around the corner.

             “The big thing that we’re still waiting for and we’ll know some time in the next month or two is where our new home is going to be—we’re just waiting to find out.”


  • Annual event honors students, employees

              The university celebrated the significant milestones and achievements of its employees and students at the 2012 Service Recognition Ceremony in the Student Center Ballroom last Friday. University employees that have reached service year milestones, starting at 25 years, were recognized.

  • Who Makes the Most? A Look at the Top 10 Salaries at Georgia State

              Several Georgia State professors and administrative members rank among the highest paid employees in the University System of Georgia. Georgia State is home to the top earning professor in the state and compensates its top ten faculty members better than Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia, according to university records.

  • Counseling Center woes, part 2

    Documents reveal a four-month long conflict within the center

             Documents detailing the conflicts between former Counseling and Testing Center staff and its director reveal the center’s five-month internal struggle prior to the university’s decision to outsource its staff. 5 comments

  • Georgia State accepts Sun Belt invitation

                 Georgia State formally accepted an invitation to join the Sun Belt Conference yesterday during a press conference at the Georgia Dome. The university’s athletic programs will begin conference play in the Sun Belt during the 2013-2014 academic school year, although they will not be eligible for bowl games or conference titles during their first year as transition members.

  • M2CD

    Eighth Graders Become Panthers for a Day

      Georgia State was recently the proud host of 12 8th graders from Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School. Georgia State’s chapter of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars’ held their 3rd annual “March to College Day” event which allowed the King Middle students to get a glimpse of life as a Panther.

  • sgnal

    Professor Profile: Dr. V. Kumar

                  Dr. Viswanathan Kumar’s innovation distinguishes him as a leader in marketing at Georgia State. Kumar serves as the Richard and Susan Lenny Distinguished Chair of Marketing as well as the executive director for the Center for Excellence in Brand and Customer Management at the J. 1 comment

  • SGA vice president backtracks on statement

              Ben Williams, the Student Government Association’s vice president of student life, said last week he misspoke regarding who previously trashed copies of the paper. “I realized after reading The Signal that I may have misspoken when talking about the individuals who had approached me about SGA taking a stance on the issue,” Williams said in a March 27 email. 1 comment

  • Girls and Crime: Dr. Margaret Zahn discusses policy and delinquent girls

             Dr. Margaret Zahn spoke last week at the Andrew Young School’s Women in Criminal Justice Forum on delinquent girls in America. Zahn, a professor of sociology and criminology at North Carolina State University and previous president of the American Society of Criminology, boasts an impressive history of criminology research.

  • Student Judicial Board: Signal “theft” no code violation

              The Student Judicial Board said last Thursday students have the right to destroy as many Signal newspapers as they would like under the university code of conduct. The board does not usually weigh in on issues before being presented with actual cases, according to the Dean of Student’s Office, and the justifications for its interpretation of the code have been contested by the Student Press Law Center.

  • Conflicting reports on Sun Belt Conference invitation

             CBS Sports is reporting that the Sun Belt conference voted to extend an invitation to Georgia State. The report cites insider sources that claim the conference's presidents voted on Monday to invite Georgia State.

  • Counseling center woes

    University responds to Counseling and Testing Center controversy

               Georgia State administrative officials are denying claims from an Inside Higher Ed story that their recent decision to outsource the staff of the counseling center was retaliation against its employees. 5 comments

  • Weighing the options for a new athletic conference

           Georgia State is considering the consequences of a possible move from its present Football Championship Series (FCS) conference to a Football Bowl Series (FBS) conference, a move that could lessen the dependency on the student fee that supports athletic programs.


            Last week, the activist group “Occupy GSU” infiltrated classrooms, dispersing flyers and chanting – resulting in the arrest of one protestor. The shenanigans were a tactic to rally up students for the group’s march to the Board of Regents meeting. 1 comment

  • signal

    Bill would ban undocumented students from universities

            A bill that would amend how citizens access public benefits would also change whether undocumented students would be allowed access to public universities.         If passed, Senate Bill 458 would re-categorize higher education as a public benefit, which would place much stronger qualifications on university admissions and limit access to school only to those who qualify, namely undocumented students.

  • Chris Shattuck | The Signal

    Tax reform bill follows university recommendations

           One of the largest tax reform bills of the past decade cleared the Georgia General Assembly last Thursday.         In addition to cutting taxes for state businesses, House Bill 386 will also eliminate car sales taxes and the ad valorem tax, also referred to as the “birthday tax.

  • Signal proceeds with “theft” case

            The Signal has announced its resolve to pursue a case against those responsible for the theft of its newspapers, despite the Georgia State University Police Department’s reluctance to file a report for the “crime.

  • Chris Shattuck | The Signal

    SGA to take on Signal disposal

            The Student Government Association has decided to consider an official response to whether the disposal of approximately 250 copies of The Signal constitutes a violation of the student Code of Conduct or criminal law.

  • Kernizan, Briggs elected to top SGA posts

           In an election dogged with few eligible executive candidates and several notable disqualifications, many executive incumbents within the Student Government Association sailed through either their re-election or appointment to other leadership positions.

  • Miles keenlyside | the signal

    Hundreds rally for Trayvon

                  A month after the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin the nation is still responding. Yesterday’s “I am Trayvon Martin” rally at the Georgia Capitol is the latest response from students and protesters demanding the arrest of 28-year-old George Zimmerman.

  • Trayvon Martin Protest at Capitol  1

    BREAKING NEWS: Updated

    Protestors move to Atlanta University Campus

    The Georgia Capitol's steps were filled with hundreds cheering "What do we want? Justice. When do we want it? Now." United by the killing of a Florida teenager, Trayvon Martin, anger and frustration brought people to action in hopes of abolishing the Stand Your Ground law that keeps Martin's shooter out of jail and without charges.

  • Zeta Tau Alpha hazing investigation closed

              The Dean of Students’ investigation behind the allegations cited in an anonymous letter about the Delta Lambda Chapter of the Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority Inc. has been closed.           The letter that sparked the investigation, received by the Dean of Students on Jan 12, cites many allegations against the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, including theft, embezzlement, hazing, underage drinking and marijuana use. 1 comment

  • Indian Creek renovation moving forward

            No big movements have been made just yet toward the renovation project for the Indian Creek recreation area lodge set to undergo a major upgrade over the summer. However, officials say plans are in progress and moving forward.

  • the signal

    Georgia State alum to deliver commencement address

               Vicki B. Escarra, president and chief executive officer of Feeding America, will deliver the keynote address at the May commencement ceremony.  Escarra is a Georgia State graduate and former executive vice-president and chief marketing officer for Delta Air Lines Inc.

  • Leah Jordan | The Signal

    Food safety at State

    A look at the health inspection scores of campus restaurants

             A check-up of the heath inspector scores of some of the restaurants near and on Georgia State’s campus last week exposed some good and bad news for student diners.          As part of an annual health survey, the health inspector checks for a number of potential safety risks, including cleanliness, proper food handling and even the hand-washing technique of the employees of an establishment.

  • Sarah Woods | The Signal

    Research reveals surprising studying tactics

    Research reveals surprising studying tactics

                 Georgia State University students are studying in strange places, not very different from students on a national level, a recent survey revealed. A survey conducted by Follet Higher Education group with the aid of Research now, once known as E-rewards, stated that some of the strangest places students on a national level study are on the way to class, the restroom and even at parties.

  • pATRICK DUFFY | The Signal

    Walk out with your hands up

    Occupy protestor arrested in walkout demonstration

                Campus police arrested one non-university protestor affiliated with the activist group “Occupy GSU” last Tuesday for disorderly conduct, according to police. Police say Luke Donavan, 19, stormed into the Library North building and threw a stack of papers around the entrance area. 1 comment

  • Taylor

    Candidate Spotlight: Taylor Briggs for Executive Vice President of SGA

    Taylor Briggs, currently a senator for the College of Arts and Sciences in SGA, is running for Executive Vice President of SGA. Briggs says she is currently on the Student Services Committee and has served on the University-wide Mandatory Free Committee.

  • Candidate 2

    Candidate Spotlight: Adriana Macchione

    Adriana Macchione is running for Vice President of Academic Affairs with a platform that focuses largely on nontraditional students.   “Between commuting, working and going to school, it was very hard for me to attend events that were interesting and that would be helpful,” says Macchione.

  • Candidate Spotlight: Marcus Kernizan

    Marcus Kernizan, current SGA Vice President of Academic Affairs, is running for President of SGA.     Kernizan says that due to his involvement in INCEPT as Vice President of Academic Affairs, he knows a lot about issues faced by students, student organizations, and parents.

  • SGA Candidate Spotlight: Theo Muhumuza

    Theo Muhumuza, the current Vice President of Budget and Finance, is running for re-election. His campaign focuses on transparency, tuition, and parking.   “We serve the students first,” says Muhumuza. “Everything we’re doing, the students should know about.

  • Kony 2012

      Social media has changed the way people around the world interact. Through these networking sites we are able to make friends with people we do not speak the same language as and have access to whats is happening oceans away. Now, social media has taken on a new purpose.

  • PD

    OCCUPY: Atlanta, GSU, the movement continues

              Over 80 defendants packed into an Atlanta Municipal courtroom last Friday to face assorted charges associated with their occupation of Woodruff Park and surrounding areas last October.             The defendants were mostly members of the Occupy Atlanta movement—an offspring organization born from the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York that sought to draw attention to the issue of economic inequality, among other issues.

  • pd

    The jobs report:

    An economist’s perspective

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its latest monthly jobs report last Friday. An additional 227,000 jobs were added in February, but the unemployment rate remained at 8.3 percent. Dr. Barry T. Hirsch, applied labor economist and economics professor at Georgia State, sat down with The Signal to discuss the report.

  • s

    Sustainability forum highlights green progress

               Georgia State University is currently taking significant steps to better its green-friendly efforts. The Sustainability Forum held on March 6th focused on ways in which Georgia State is already sustainable – including using the less styrofoam in the dining halls.

  • Who’s watching your stuff?

    Mislaid property and theft incidents on the rise

               Georgia State students must constantly be aware of their surroundings and belongings, as evidenced by recent crime records that indicate a rise in thefts involving lost or mislaid property incidents.

  • Suntrust Tower to be tested for asbestos

            The university may soon have to remove asbestos from the walls of the Suntrust Tower. The dormant asbestos contained in the walls poses little risk to students or faculty at present, although any construction work that would open the walls might expose occupants to the carcinogen if not properly removed, said Jeff Winslett, the project leader of the contracting company that formerly managed the building’s construction work.

  • “Do away with all proof…”

             After seven hazing allegations in four years across the country, the national office of Sigma Sigma Rho, Inc. was concerned – not with how to eliminate hazing but with how to cover it up. In a nationwide email sent to every chapter in February last year, the nation board issued a memo instructing how chapters should seek to do away with all proof of hazing – under threat of penalization. 4 comments

  • career fair

    Robinson College’s career fair brings employers, hundreds of students

    The circus wasn't the only place to find smiling faces in Atlanta on Friday—an estimated 1,000 Georgia State students and alumni took advantage of an improving job market and attended the Spring Career Expo to find their perfect career.  Hosted by the Robinson College of Business, the fair drew 73 employers to the Georgia World Congress Center.

  • Panthers Meet another Side of John Legend

    Georgia State was greeted by a two-toned John Legend, the nine-time Grammy-winning singer, as he struck a chord of familiarity in performing a few hit singles after delivering an educationally advocated address during yesterday's Distinguished Speaker Series.

  • Crime Blotter

    February 16   Urban Life A report was filed for Theft of Lost or Mislaid Property. The complainant, a GSU student stated, at 7:30 a.m. he left a bag containing various items unattended and when he returned at 8:09 a.m. he noticed the bag was missing.

  • Leah jordan | The Signal

    Georgia State’s Finest: A ride-along with GSUPD

    The following is a personal report from a staff writer’s ride-along with a sergeant in the GSUPD

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  • ONE organization talks activism and awareness

             ONE, a grassroots advocacy and campaigning organization that fights extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa, now holds a place at Georgia State University. Chartered on Georgia States's campus by Anisa Palmer in October 2011, the ONE organization is in good company on a large scale with co-founders like Bono and supporters such as Alicia Keys and Ben Affleck.

  • si

    Universities bring billions to local economy

                 Georgia State poured over $1.5 billion into the local economy in 2010, according to a study from last year. Developed by the Selig Center for Economic Growth at the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business, the study analyzed the role colleges or universities play in shaping their surrounding community's economy.


    Chancellor is enthusiastic about budget requests

             Chancellor Hank Huckaby expressed enthusiasm for Gov. Nathan Deal's budget proposal that would restore funding for the University System of Georgia at a House subcommittee meeting Wednesday morning. Years of cutbacks coupled with increased enrollment numbers have created challenges for the University System, including a backlog of renovation and state-funded infrastructure projects, according to Huckaby.

  • TSPLOST would fund bridge replacement, MARTA

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  • signal


    Anonymous letter alleges hazing and illegal activity

             An anonymous letter sent to the Dean of Students last month has sparked an investigation into the Delta Lambda chapter of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority for hazing and other illegal practices.       The letter alleges a variety of illegal sorority activities – such as underage binge drinking and marijuana use. 6 comments

  • Student Veterans Event

    Georgia State & the Veteran Coordinating Committee has taken on the effort to present several programs during Spring 2012 for veterans on campus.  The next event is Interview Success for Veterans. This event will take place February 22, 2012 at 10 a.

  • signal

    STDs: The Valentine’s gift you don’t want

             Although students may think the odds of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) are pretty slim, the chances of contracting one are increasing in Atlanta.          According to Atlanta STD Statistics, Georgia ranked 6th highest among the 50 states in cumulative reported AIDS cases in 2008.

  • Courtesy of www.daliaziada

    Egyptian human rights champion addresses Georgia State

             Social media is more than just a way to connect with friends—according to Egyptian activist Dalia Ziada, it can enable young people to bring about a "new era" in civil and women's rights.          Appearing Thursday at an event sponsored by Project Nur and the Middle East Socio-Political Association, Ziada discussed the 2011 Egyptian Revolution that toppled dictator Hosni Mubarak.

  • Patrick Duffy

    University sees spike in athlete code violations

                With a recent rise in athlete academic honesty violations, the University is seeking ways to address code of conduct violations and educate incoming students.          Last month, the University Senate voted to increase the number of members of the Student Discipline Committee, the body that handles the more serious violations of the Student Code of Conduct.

  • Executive seats up for grabs

    SGA policy change will allow all students to run for President and VP p

            The Student Government voted to expand the eligibility criteria for who can run for its top offices last week. Previously, the offices of president and executive vice president were limited to only previous SGA members with the exception of exigent circumstances due to a bylaw requirement.

  • patr ick duffy | The Signal

    Smoking ban still up in air

           Although a discussion for a campus-wide smoking ban gained some traction last semester, it now seems to be sidetracked in lieu of other issues.        However, the issue of smoking on campus is still an important topic of discussion for officials, according to Ben Williams of the Student Life and Development Committee.

  • TERAH BOYD | The Signal

    It’s unanimous!

    SGA’s latest senators are voted in

            The Student Government Association (SGA) voted unanimously last Thursday to appoint five new senators to join the SGA. Representing vacancies in their respective colleges, Cindy Park, Alex Dion, Brandon Roberts, Brianna Alvarez and James Scharnikow were all confirmed based on a block vote.

  • signal

    Underage drinking soars

    With increased enrollment, the number of arrests have more than doubled in the last two and a half y

            Arrests for underage drinking have more than doubled in the last two years, according to an analysis of police records. In January alone, police arrested 10 students on campus for underage drinking. Even more noticeable, officers have made more arrests inside the Lofts in the past month than in the entire period of April 2009 through the end of last semester.

  • Occupy AT&T for Valentine’s Day


    "Tell AT&T to show some love!" is the slogan for Occupy Atlanta's upcoming event, "Occupy AT&T", this Tuesday – Valentine's Day.

    Occupy AT&T is a response to the Communications Workers of America's call for a protest against the company's recent announcement that they will be laying off hundreds of workers in the southeast.  

    "Everyone should be paying attention to this issue and attending this rally because this is corporate greed to the core," says Megan Tiu, a Georgia State University student who is involved with organizing Occupy Atlanta events.

    "AT&T, a giant corporation, has labeled jobs and people as ‘surpluses'. No job is surplus. No person is surplus. We fight here to save jobs and all the families in danger because of AT&T's ridiculous greed."

    The event will take place at 675 W. Peachtree St. in Atlanta from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

    For more information, visit the event's Facebook page at

  • Egyptian human rights champion addresses Georgia State

    Social media is more than just a way to connect with friends—according to Egyptian activist Dalia Ziada, it can enable young people to bring about a "new era" in civil and women's rights. Appearing Thursday at an event sponsored by Project Nur and the Middle East Socio-Political Association, Ziada discussed the 2011 Egyptian Revolution that toppled dictator Hosni Mubarak.

  • GSU Day at the Capitol

             For the second year now, legislators in the Gold Dome were greeted with a wide variety of students and faculty last Thursday for "GSU Day at the Capitol."        Deans and other faculty from Georgia State's colleges gathered early in the morning on the House side of the capitol building in the main lobby with tables representing their schools.

  • HB 659: New bill would bring harsh punishments for hazing

             Drafted in response to several national incidents of hazing, House Bill 659 would bar any student convicted of hazing from attending school in the state of Georgia.         Proposed by Rep.


    Students and faculty come out against HB 59

    Some fear funding backlash

             Although the bill to completely ban undocumented students from attending public universities was ultimately shelved last year, House Bill 59 has once again caused a stir from students and other opponents.

  • Police to install more security cameras near Aderhold

            Since the installation of a 24-hour security system last year, only one student has been caught. Police say additional cameras will help aid in crime prevention and investigation. Since the initial cameras were installed last year, the police expect an additional 12 to 50 to be installed around the Aderhold area.

  • Significance and Criticism of Heritage Months Discussed

                   As the NAACP program hosted by the Office of African American Student Services and Programs attracted a large crowd, a more intimate group of the Georgia State community formed down the hall.  Last night, some of Georgia State's Intercultural Relations' Intercultural Ambassadors (IA) gathered for Heritage Months in America, a discussion of various celebratory months, such as Hispanic Heritage and Black History Months.

  • signal

    Losing HOPE

    SGA and lobbyists ‘call to action’

        Student Government president James Dutton and Janice Barrocas held a ‘townhall' style meeting last Monday to discuss the potential for students to sway their congressmen's upcoming vote on the HOPE scholarship. The proposal seemed like a simple enough solution: talk to them.

  • New Bloomberg Aptitude Test Rapidly Becoming A Household Name

    Recently, the Bloomberg Institute along with several  financial firms around the world, came together to institute the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT). Designed to assess the potential and strengths of students in 12 major core areas, the Bloomberg Test has already catapulted into Universities around the nation, including Georgia State.

  • University senate round-up: Senate changes definition of “student

           The University Senate voted to amend the definition of what constitutes a "student" last week to allow greater access to university services over the summer.      Under the changes, "continuing students" would receive access to university services over the summer, even when not presently enrolled, if they are registered for the upcoming Fall semester.

  • SUPER SENIORS: more students graduating

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  • Students seek food stamps for financial aid

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  • JudY Kim | The siGnal

    University takes first step toward moving into SunTrust building

             Georgia State has begun the first stage of preparing the SunTrust building for the university's needs.          The university officially posted a request for qualifications on Jan.

  • Andrew Young College holds series to assist students

    The Andrew Young Career Services and Student Life Department, is hosting a series of career workshops to assist graduate students currently enrolled in the Andrew Young College with degrees in Economics, Public Management, Criminal Justice, and Social Work.

  • International student reception

    Taking place in the College of Education, the International Student Reception, is a bi-annual event held each fall and spring. The event is held to welcome students from across the globe to Georgia State, and many international students agreed that the festivities were indeed inviting.

  • Honors Blood Drive

    Give blood; give life

      On Tuesday, January 17, 2012, the Georgia State Honor Society hosted the Red Cross Blood Drive in the Urban Life building from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. Along with volunteers from the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS), the Honor Student volunteers aided nurses and phlebotomists from the Red Cross with running the blood drive.

  • MLK March

    Georgia State students leave their mark on MLK Commemoration Events

      On January 16, 2012, more than a hundred people crowded the streets of downtown Atlanta all with a very unified and distinguished purpose; to commemorate the legacy of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. On this day, people all around the state of Georgia gather together and march to the MLK center where they sing hymns and celebrate diversity, progression, and unity.

  • Crime Blotter

    January 11 Natural Science Center Officers issued a Non-GSU individual a Criminal Trespass Warning. At 2:15 p.m. officers responded to a call of an individual who was no longer affiliated with the university. The individual was issued a CTW and escorted off campus without incident.

  • Davis was named the dean of the Honors College on April 21, 2011; he started his tenure on Jan. 3.

    Making an impression

           As dean of the newly-established Byrdine F. Lewis School of Nursing and Health Professions, Dr. Margaret C. Wilmoth says she will seek new ways to improve and expand the college's impact while still getting a feel for the school.

  • Petit donated $1.5 million towards Georgia State’s new football program.

    Georgia State alumni donor faces fraud charges

             Atlanta businessman and philanthropist, Parker "Pete" Petit, might be adding another bullet point to his long and impressive resume: inside trader.        Last week the Securities and Exchange Commission accused Petit, a Georgia State alum and major donor after whom the university named their newest science center, of leaking information about a company merger to a friend.

  • Immunization holds cause registration problems

    While class registration is not typically considered the best way to pass an afternoon, a day or few lost fixing an immunization hold can make it even worse, says  senior Ruben Thomas.

  • Spring Semster Arrives with Several New Changes

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  • Wellness Wednesday for GSU Students and Faculty

                  The Office of Employee Development and Wellness, a subsidiary of the Georgia State Human Resources Department, is providing Faculty, staff and students with a series of programs directed towards developing better health.


    January 4 Forsyth Street A report was filed for Harassing Phone Calls. The complainant, a GSU student stated, on 12/6/11 at 9:41 a.m. she began receiving harassing phone calls from a previous boyfriend. The case is being handled by Investigations. January 3 Urban Life A report was filed for Harassing Phone Calls.

  • University System mergers advance forward

          Up for consideration today by the University System of Georgia Board of Regents is a cost-cutting plan to consolidate eight of the state's public institutions.      Proponents of the plan hope to save the University System money with the consolidations through reductions in administrative costs and lay-offs.


    Coping with tensions and long lines

            The beginning of this spring semester will provide many challenges, and opportunities, for Georgia State's growing student population. But for a great many, unanticipated road blocks and holds can only be solved one way: waiting in line.


    Georgia State working to remove expired fire extinguishers

         Almost all of Georgia State's fire extinguishers were expired at the end of last year, although university officials expect to have all of the the aging safety devices replaced in the next two months.     Fire Safety Officer McWhorter now estimates that only 25 percent of Georgia State's downtown campus fire extinguishers are past due and these should be replaced within the next two months, since a building can be completed in one day.

  • Mandatory Fees Audit report calls for admin. “improvement”

           A September Mandatory Student Fees audit report indicates that there are a few "opportunities for improvement" to be in the administration of student fee money.       The results of the audit state that the mandatory student fees – or fees that enable the university to provide quality programs and services to students outside of the classroom - were "appropriately administered and adequately controlled" but that improvements should be made in three particular areas, including: the creation of written policies to eliminate loss of revenue, regular reporting on various the statuses of projects funded with fee money and the submission of miscellaneous fees to the state University Board of Regents.

  • Welcome Back Panthers!

                   Monday marked the beginning of the spring 2012 semester for most Georgia State professors and students. Students welcomed the new semester of Monday/Wednesday classes by trudging tiredly through the campus, the majority with a coffee in hand.

  • signal

    The road into homelessness One man’s personal journey into the street

             "If I had kids, I would've trained them to be athletes like me." Despite being a part of the ever-growing homeless population of Atlanta for some 20 years, Fat Mike - the name in which he is known by in the community – still has a strong passion for sports. 3 comments

  • Crime Blotter

      December 4 University Commons Officers arrested two GSU students for Alcoholic Possession under 21 Years Old. At 11:00 p.m. officers made contact with the two students and confirmed they were underage and intoxicated. They were arrested, processed and released on a Copy of Charges.

  • signal

    Giving them a voice

    Atlanta Overlook tells the homeless’ side of the story

                 The courtyard of Mercy Community Church quietly fills up with knit-cap covered heads, each waiting patiently for their turn at fresh coffee. As the Bible study next door lets out, Jeremy Godfrey prepares pens and paper for his writer's workshop class held inside the church.

  • Office of Civic Engagement provides volunteer opportunities

                   Georgia State's Office of Civic Engagement offers students resources and volunteer opportunities to help out around the metro Atlanta area. Lovell Lemons, the director of the Office of Civic Engagement, helps coordinate student opportunities for civic engagement and volunteering.

  • Students hold crime prevention townhall

                 In response to a recent spike in campus robberies, students met to discuss ways to handle the problem in a townhall-style meeting last Tuesday. Hosted by various student organizations, the meeting – dubbed "Don't be the Next Campus Alert" – featured a roundtable discussion with student leaders as well as representatives from the Georgia State University Police Department.

  • Mega one stop shop petition moves to Registrar

         The petition to open the Mega One Stop Shop a week before school starts has passed the preliminary stages of being adopted and has now been passed to the Office of the Registrar.      The petition would allow the Mega One Stop Shop to open a week before school starts instead of opening the week that school starts.

  • Sex trafficking: a hard reality in Atlanta

             Although Atlanta ranks as one of the foremost sex trafficking hubs in the country, the issue seems to be unknown to many students and residents of the city.        "Fraud, force and coercion.

  • Student parking gets upgrade, wait list

          In response to this semester's parking permit fiasco, big changes will be coming for Georgia State students who park on campus next semester, according to the Parking and Transportation division of Auxiliary and Support Services.

  • SGA to recommend changing courtyard concert policy

    The most continuous issue discussed at the Student Government Association meeting was its recommendation of moving the concert series held in the courtyard every Tuesday and Thursday.

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  • signal

    Students back Sunday alcohol sales

         The passing of a referendum on Sunday alcohol sales last week in Atlanta came with little surprise to many Georgia State students.       The Nov. 8 vote, which carried more than 80 percent of the vote, lifted a previous ban that prevented retail vendors from selling alcoholic beverages on Sundays.

  • Michelle Asci

    Freshman Hall to extend finals hours

    The Freshman Dining Hall will be opened for all day study hours the week before finals with an arrangement between the University Provost and the Student Government Association.


  • Academic teams’ funds to be slashed next year

            Although Academic Team Fee Council leaders stressed the importance of having adequate funds to compete in scholastic competitions, the Student Activity Fee Committee voted to cut their funding for the 2013 fiscal year during their last meeting.

  • College media demand apology from mayor


    Following the arrests of two student journalists last Saturday while covering Occupy Atlanta protests, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and the Atlanta Police Chief have yet to respond to letters calling for the city to drop its charges.

  • Cheating exposed:

    Officials suspect violations of academic honesty policies underreported

    Violations of the university's academic honestly policies are consistently underreported and understated, university officials say.


    Police arrest 20 at midnight occupation

    In a clear show of force, Atlanta police arrested 20 protestors late last Saturday for the second time in about as many weeks .


    Interactive campus map now online

    Georgia State introduced an interactive campus map on Oct. 18 in an attempt to better familiarize prospective students with the campus.


  • Campus crime spikes with three consecutive robberies

    Three students were robbed at various areas around campus within a period of four days, according to campus police. The robberies mark a noticeable increase in serious campus crime at Georgia State for the month of October.



  • Kell Hall construction nearing an end

    The Kell Hall reroofing project, once feared to finish completion at the end of the year, will be drawing to a close in the coming weeks, university officials say.


    Signal staff member arrested with protestors

    Signal photography editor Judith Kim was arrested among 19 others late Saturday night, despite her objections that she was student media.

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    Replacing the Courtland St. Bridge

    In October 2005, students and staff were warned of the Courtland St. Bridge's dangerous erosion pattern via email from Georgia State officials.

  • Registration concerns brought to university

    Senators and Executive Board members criticized the registration agreement process some students had to go through when picking classes last week.


  • signal

    Atlanta plans vote for Sunday alcohol sales

    The city of Atlanta is bringing the issue of Sunday alcohol sales to vote on Nov. 8. Voters in other communities throughout Georgia began early voting on the Sunday alcohol sales referendum Oct. 18 after the Georgia legislature passed a bill earlier this year to allow counties and cities to conduct local voting for Sunday sales.

  • Major enrollment of soldiers expected

    The announcement by President Barack Obama to withdraw troops from Iraq last week means Georgia State can soon expect an influx of student veterans, university officials say.


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    SGA claims transparency, plans to open meetings


    During the Senate meeting for the Student Government Association last week, President James Dutton addressed The Signal's recent article about the transparency of the SGA and its violation of Open Meetings laws.



    Occupy Atlanta protesters arrested in Woodruff Park

    After a week of false starts, Mayor Kasim Reed or

    Nearly a week after Occupy Atlanta protestors were evicted from Woodruff Park, members of the group have taken refuge in a homeless shelter.

  • Campus Events to seek lost money from cancelled rappers

    After rappers Common and Rick Ross canceled their appearances a little over a week apart, Campus Events will be seeking reparations for money lost through promotional activities.


    Wait, Another PantherCard?

    Georgia State mulls over adding modified Discover card to PantherCards


    Auxiliary and Support Ser- vices are considering yet an- other PantherCard for students to be available possibly as soon as next year.


    Petition to open Mega One Stop Shop early begins to get traction

    A petition by the Student Government Association to move the Mega One Stop Shop the week before classes start has begun to attract support.


    Supporters vow to fight for green fee

    Despite a vote against a new Green Fee by the Mandatory Fee Committee, supporters have vowed to continue the fight to make Georgia State more green friendly.

  • Greek 'Five Star' Program Lacks Five Star Reviews

    Sorority and fraternity members will be required to participate in various activities if they want to remain in good standing at Georgia State, according to Georgia State's new "Five Star Chapter Enhancement Program."


    Smoking ban under consideration

    Students may soon have the opportunity to vote on a campus-wide smoking ban in a student referendum as early as next year.


    Student Government in violation of state law

    SGA E-Board members refused to allow Signal reporters into its Oct. 5 meeting by saying it was close

    The Student Government Association has closed its executive board meetings from the public on a weekly basis, citing "personnel" is- sues as the reason for the closures.

  • Judy kim

    Athletic Fee to increase, but still no Green Fee

    The Mandatory Fee Committee voted against a proposal for a new Green Fee, while approving an increase in the Athletics Fee.



    Students seek alternatives to rising MARTA fares

    For ordinary riders, MARTA fares increased 25% with the start of October and will now cost riders $2.50 for a one-way ticket.


  • SGA Round-up: Student Government answers transparency issues


    The Student Government Association meeting opened last Thursday with several of the homecoming court candidates urging SGA members to vote for them.

  • signal

    On the ground: Reporting from Occupy Wall Street

    Upon arriving off the station at Wall Street, I was immediately confused by the empty streets lined with barricades and eerily silent atmosphere.

  • A look into SGA Homecoming expenses

    Student Government to hold Homecoming tailgates and free food events that will cost students nearly

    SGA's Vice President of Student Life Ben Williams confirmed that some of its budget funds are being used for Homecoming Tailgate festivities and co-Sponsorships.

  • GSUPD increases security at Homecoming

    Campus crime average for the month of October, according to daily police reports

              With all the added festivities and events of Homecoming week, campus police say safety is a "big issue" and will be doing more than the usual to keep students safe.


    IN OUR TIME... A look back at Georgia State University over the years

    Founded as the Georgia Institute of Technology's "Evening School of Commerce" in 1913, the school that would eventually become Georgia State initially offered only business classes.

  • signal

    OCCUPY ATLANTA Inside the headquarters

    As 400 Occupy Atlanta protesters took their stand in Woodruff Park, the group's team of legal advisers and media personnel scrambled behind them to pick up the pieces.




    Students, parents, grandparents, the employed and unemployed joined the Occupy Atlanta protest last Friday in Woodruff Park to make their voices heard.

  • Chris Shattuck

    Decorative crosswalks to expand throughout campus

    The Atlanta City Council approved a resolution last Monday granting Georgia State the rights to build twenty- five "enhanced stamped pedestrian crosswalks" at eight campus intersections.

  • CatChat getting $1.5 million upgrade

    Students may soon begin to see better wireless connectivity and download speeds this week as Georgia State upgrades its primary wireless network, now known as CatChat 2.0

  • Student Government transparency in question

    The Student Government Association announced last week that it has spent 26.36 percent of its resources. However, no official document detailing their expenditures has been made available to the public.

  • Decorative crosswalks to expand throughout campus

    Crosswalks receive mixed reactions from students

    Students can soon expect to see a lot more of the decorative crosswalks emblazoned with the Georgia State logo at intersections around campus.

  • Crime blotter

    Here's a round up of some of the crimes committed on campus last week reported by  the Georgia State Police

  • New Pro-Temp and eight Justices sworn in

    After brief deliberation, the SGA welcomed eight new Justices and a new President Pro-Tempore.

  • MICHELLE ASCI The Signal

    Rec Center and Digital Aquarium celebrates 10-year anniversary

    The Student Recreation Center has seen over four million entries since its inception, and they expect to see more with its upcoming additions. The center first opened its doors in August 2001, boasting four racquetball courts, an aquatic center, a 35 foot climbing wall and a running track in addition to its large inventory of fitness equipment and classes.


  • Lukewarm reception for Career Services

    Although Career Services provides job-placement opportunities for both current students and alumni, the service has received mixed reviews from students.According to Ramona Simien, the Assistant Director of Career Services, in a briefing to the Student Government Association, less than 30 students have signed up for job interviews this month despite requests from major employers such as Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble and Liberty Mutual.



    Fire Safety

    It takes 25 seconds for a fire to start. It takes six minutes for it to engulf a room the size of a dorm. And the fire department's average response time is four to six minutes. This was the message Dobbins Air Reserve Base Fire Department gave to students and onlookers at Georgia State first Fire Safety Carnival on Sep. 27. The event featured a variety of activities to teach students more about fire safety in on-campus and off-campus living. One particular exhibition involved setting a mock dormitory on fire.

  • Chris Shattuck

    Parking turmoil at Turner Field

    In what has become a staple issue for some, students were upset last week after the Turner Field parking schedule was amended, which left them guessing where to park. Turner Field was originally planned to close last Thursday and Friday due to the PGA Tour, the Atlanta Braves games and other events but opened up Thursday afternoon.

  • Emmie Lancaster

    What do you think? Sustainability Programs on Campus

    "I feel like GSU is proactive in taking steps toward greater sustain- ability, but I think this is happening in individuals and in organized groups. I have seen several groups bringing up issues of sustainability, and I have seen them create partnerships to effect a greater change. ... I think caring for the environment, especially our immediate environment, is our responsibility as individuals and as an academic community."

    Emmie Lancaster Junior social Work and Anthropology major


    Georgia State Fire Safety Carnival demonstrates the breath of a fire under ordinary circumstances

    It takes 25 seconds for a fire to start. It takes six minutes for it to engulf a room the size of a dorm.

  • Signal

    College merger:

    USG Chancellor looking to control costs with campus consolidation

    As one of his first initiatives as chancellor of the University System of Georgia, Hank Huckaby announced plans last week to look into the possibility of consolidating some of the USG's institutions in order to control costs.   "I believe it is time for the system to study if campus consolidations are justified and will enhance our ability to serve the people of Georgia at less cost," said Huckaby.


    Go with the flow

    National competition to put debate team to the test

    As an audience of judges, spectators and competitors wait for the round to begin, a student approaches the podium lugging a large tub filled with evidence and research. With page upon page of carefully constructed arguments, the Harvard University debator speaks at a nearly incomprehensible pace to describe his team's policy proposal in an early round at Georgia State's thirteenth annual debate tournament.

  • One month in

    Here’s a recap of news stories that have caught the attention of students in the first month of scho

    16 underage drinking arrests

    Festivities to celebrate the start of the fall semester have resulted in 16 arrests relating to underage drinking in various housing facilities

    -Donata Borsos, Commons


  • signal


    Troy Davis’ death penalty carried out despite outcries


    Despite outcries from legal experts and global supporters, Troy Davis was executed by lethal injection by the state of Georgia last Wednesday. The Davis execution in Georgia has sparked a discussion of the merits of cap- ital punishment in the American criminal justice system.

  • Chris Shattuck | Signa

    Georgia State considering 24/7 access to the MILE during finals week

    The MILE may be opening twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week in part of a pilot program led by the Student Government Association and Student Affairs. At a recent Student Government Association meeting, the possibility of keeping the MILE open on a later schedule to benefit students' study time was discussed. The idea proposed by SGA committee members is to keep the MILE open on a 24/7 schedule in place of the University

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    Kell Hall construction to be completed by end of the year


    Construction work involving the renovation and re-roofing of Kell Hall should be completed on time by the end of October, according to university officials. An initial estimate by Chris Hughs, the assistant director for

  • Georgia State lags behind others in green programs


    Despite being a silver level partner with Georgia's Department of Natural Resources' Partnership

    for a Sustainable Georgia program, Georgia State's sustainability program has a limited

    number of sustainability issues it tackles compared to other universities across Atlanta.

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  • Two robberies by snatching, police issue alert


    Last week, the Georgia State University Police released two separate campus alerts for a robbery by sudden snatching. On Wednesday, Sept. 7 at 4:39 p.m, a Georgia State student was walking on Decatur St. when she was approached by three black males - one of which she knew. One of the males grabbed her iPad and fled towards the Five Points MARTA station. The student described all three of the suspects as being approximately 18 years old. One was described as wearing a brown jacket, blue jeans and had dread locks. The second was wearing a brown jacket and blue jeans. The other was described as wearing a blue jacket and blue jeans.