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Laura Fischer, citizen of the world

Staff Writer

Published: Monday, April 23, 2012

Updated: Monday, April 23, 2012 14:04

“It's not like that I thought when I was 20 that I want to go to Italy, Australia and the States”at 27 years old Laura Fischer (name has been changed) from Munich, Germany has been a globe trotter for years without really planning to be one. She has lived in five countries already though and expects to graduate from a MBA in finance at Georgia State University in a few weeks.

“It all started when I spent one semester in Palermo, Italy” Laura says. It was only a one and a half-hour flight from home so I knew that I was fairly close and could go home if it doesn't work out. I had such a great time there that I wanted to go abroad as soon as possible again”.

After this positive experience in 2006, she decided to spend a year in Australia in 2008 to do farm working during one year through an organization after a friend who did that show her pictures of his year off.

 “I knew I couldn't take off a year after my master so I was pretty sure that the year after my bachelor would be the last chance to go to Australia,” said Fischer.

She eitherworked in different farms all over the country or traveled. “The best thing about Australia was probably that I never felt that free in my life. If you want to work, travel or just stay in a city is completely up to you,” said Fischer.

This will and easiness to adapt her everywhere was also helped by being used to travel with her father. “He hates everything that is touristic and organized, so we always left the touristic routes and tried to see as much of the "real" country as possible. I think travelling with him gave me an idea on how to find great places and that you most likely have a better experience if you try to find your own way instead of booking the "all-inclusive-hotel" stuff.” she says.



This year she lives in her fifth country in six years, while doing a double degree in herschool, the European Business School, in Germany and in Georgia State.


“Originally I chose my university because they had a cooperation with the university in Australia I wanted to go to. But when it came to applying to our abroad universities, I had to find out that the Australian university required 3 years of work experience, so I couldn't go there. In the end, I was even happy about it, since I travelled the country already for a year and there wasn't much to see anymore. And I wanted to get to know the US better than during the holiday trips with my family,” said Fischer.  


All these travels definitely changed her views on her country “My relation to my home country did not really change during the time in Italy or Australia. I think that's because I love both countries so much and would immediately move there. But especially during the first semester here, I appreciated Germany and Europe so much more,” said Fischer.

In her years of travel for Fischer her European Identity became more prevalent than her national identity.

 “I would say that I became a European during the year in Atlanta. I also realized that even though we all might come from different countries in Europe, we all share the same values. I haven't realized before how close we really are.I think that national policies became less and less important the more global we get. At least within Europe. I wish more young people in Europe would travel and realize what an amazing achievement Europe is and how lucky we are to live for the first time ever in a war-free Europe.” she says.


Now that she is about to write her thesis in Germany and then start working definitively, she would prefer  to stay in her hometown  at least for a few years “I want to stay in Germany after this year most of all because of my family. The way my parents supported me during the year in Australia but especially the last year made me realize that nothing is more important to me than my parents.”


She also feels that with the time I she could lose some of my friends if I don't settle down soon. “Even though they are used to me travelling the world by now, it would be great to actually see them again on a regular basis and share all this boring daily routine stuff again.”


Laura has yet no regret about all these experience that will stay good memories. However life overseas seems to become a state of mind and never something which will only belong to the past “I can't imagine to not living abroad again during the next 5-10 years.”




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