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Music Midtown

  • Piedmont Park

    The resurrection of Music Midtown

    Returning to its rightful place in Piedmont Park for the second year, the music festival is primed t

    While the recent revival of Music Midtown has brought both economic success and culture to Atlanta, some raise concerns about the potential negative impact to Piedmont Park. Chris Nelson, the vice president of operations at Piedmont Park, thinks that Music Midtown is good for Atlanta.

  • Garbage

    Garbage speaks

    Steve Marker of Garbage talks Music Midtown, James Bond, world touring and upcoming albums

    The Signal: What is it like playing at a big event like Music Midtown; is it a good experience for you as a band, or would you rather play in a smaller venue? Steve Marker: You know, the wonderful thing about where we are right now is that I don’t have to answer that question because we have a whole spectrum of shows this year, ranging from 300,000 people in Russia—which was a massive crowd—which was so exciting and cool and we couldn’t believe it, and tonight were playing a much smaller club here in Richmond, VA, and that’s gonna be great too, because its all hardcore fans who have waited a long time to come to this show, and it’s a very intimate venue and that’s going to be great, too.

  • The setlist wishlist

    Here's our list, let us know your wishlist on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit (/r/gastate)

    Maybe they’ll perform these, maybe they won’t. But every fan who attends a concert hopes their favorite song will be performed. Pearl Jam Yellow Ledbetter-“Lost Dogs” Black-“Ten” Daughter-“Vs.” Betterman-“Vitalogy” Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town-“Vs.

  • Listen before you go

    Need a playlist before heading to one of Atlanta’s biggest music fests of the year? We suggest:

    Pearl Jam “Vs.” (1993) “Ten” may be the Seattle grunge band’s definitive album, but “Vs.” is the album that solidified their place in rock history. Classic anthems like “Animal” and “Daughter” moved the band from angst-ridden ranters to thoughtful social commentators, but the album’s powers lies within the players.

  • Parking tips for Music Midtown

    This year Music Midtown will be taking place in the 10th Street Meadow in Piedmont Park.      While some parking will be available close to the park it is expected to be extremely limited because all residential streets around the park will be closed to non-residents.

  • Woodfire Grill

    Good eats after the show

    Where to go after Music Midtown winds down

    Partying all night at a concert really does work up an appetite, especially when you are at the Music Midtown grooving to artists like the Foo Fighters and Ludacris. The problem is finding restaurants that stay open all night. Well, come along and pick out your flavor of eatery with this delicious 24-hour restaurant guide of Midtown.

  • Concert apps

    Best apps for concertgoers

    Thanks to these handy apps, your smart phone can now be your best concert buddy.

    Friend Finder Trying to find friends at concerts can be a real pain. This app is designed to make it easier. It comes equipped with photos of common concert setups so users can show their friends where they are in a crowd of people. You can put an “I am here” sticker on any of those photos or a photo you take yourself, and then send it to your friends.

  • Column: Artist delight

    Atlanta is doing more than putting on shows, they're building a culture

    Atlanta is coming up in the world of art and culture. As more nonprofits geared towards art develop public programs and as festivals consume our calendars, more people have more opportunities to participate in and appreciate public art. With Music Midtown just around the corner, it’s obvious how excited people have gotten to see their favorite bands.

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Arts and Living

  • Freshman Block Party

    Choices and convocation

    While Wes Moore used the information about his book, "The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates," to kick off the convocation, he made it clear that the gathering was not about him at all. It was about the students. He just used his life and the life of the other Wes Moore to let people know the powerful impact actions may have on a future.

  • From the experts: how to get the most out of your internship

    Sometimes a student lands a dream internship at a company they respect and admire, only to have their dream turn into a nightmare. Maybe when the student begins their internship, no one gives them a clear idea of what their responsibilities are, or perhaps their supervisor informs them that their only responsibility will be making coffee or running errands.

  • Evin Fowler

    Finding their own direction

    Despite the lack of film production classes at Georgia State, students are making their films happen

    It’s old news that the Georgia State Film Department has a severe lack of production courses. Faculty and students alike want the same thing: for students to make films.

  • Nude Modeling

    Skin deep

    Nude figure modeling has been around for centuries as a supplement to art classes. Though not controversial in most respects, some discomfort associated with the practice remains.

  • Column: Art or pornography?

    The Hyuro mural does nothing to encourage sexual thoughts. The “real” danger is in the fact that it encourages thought in general. Thoughts about women, about sexuality, about natural and unnatural tendencies of mankind.

  • Kathryn Stockett brings a little Southern Charm to Georgia State

    Famed author of the New York Times bestseller, The Help (now an Oscar winning motion picture), Kathryn Stockett spoke Georgia State as part of the campus Speaker’s series, held in the ballroom of the Student Center. Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, Stockett spoke on the events in her life that inspired her and answered questions from the audience about her writing process.

  • Honda

    Honda comes to Georgia State

      As you may have noticed Broad Street, next to Aderhold, was closed on Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1p.m. as the 2012 Honda Civic Event took place. In the middle of the street students were able to go in the new Honda Civic to see how it feels inside. The 2012 Honda Civic Event was entirely organized and animated by Georgia State marketing students.

  • 12


    The Decemberists, We All Raise Our Voices to the Air “Good evening. Just thought I would mention, before we begin, this is not the Keith Urban concert,” vocalist Colin Meloy of the Decemberists says matter-of-factly before launching into “The Infanta,” the first track on We All Raise Our Voices to the Air.

  • 12

    The Atlanta Film Festival

            The 2012 Atlanta Film Festival rolled out the red carpet for its premiere film, “L!fe Happens,” in what promises to be a long list of quality screenings lined up for movie goers. Atlanta Film Festival 365 was the title of this year’s festival, showing the public that there’s more than just two weeks’ worth of films that can be taken away from the programming this year.

  • Achievement gap

           Each day, thousands pass through the sliding doors to fill pale yellow seats before the doors shut. Grabbing a rail in one hand and holding an iPod in the other, Brandy Smith braces herself for the jerky takeoff to Chamblee station.

  • Submitted photo

    SEAT – Freedom Park Project

    Flux Projects create public art

            Flux Projects, an organization that promotes temporary public art, has chosen this summer’s Freedom Park Project: SEAT. This new interactive architectural design was envisioned by architects Brian Brush and Yong Ju Lee.

  • 123

    The Distinguished Speaker Series

    A Legend in the making

              The soulful and smooth notes that come from his voice can be distracting from his true talent. John Stephens, more recognizable by his stage name John Legend, has received acclaim for his vocal talent and songwriting.

  • Disabilities

    Being Mobility-Challenged at Georgia State

    Sometimes we forget to be grateful because of the daily stresses of life; however, those stresses seem insignificant when compared to not having the ability to walk, being paralyzed, or being stuck in a wheelchair day after day, especially in the open, urban, Georgia State campus.

  • signl

    Merchants of passion and diversity

    A look at Sweet Auburn Curb Market

              Energy and a fresh take on cuisine and trade thrive a few streets away from Georgia State at the oldest public market in Atlanta. Merchants from different backgrounds share a part of themselves with those who enter.

  • signal

    What you should know about sex trafficking and how you can help

           While students walk the streets of Atlanta on a daily basis to and from class, many do not think that the person walking in front or even next to them could be someone involved in the growing human and sex trafficking trade business in the city. 2 comments

  • Walter 1

    “On Yonder Mountain” – An art exhibit by Chris Walter

    A rural upbringing and a satirical storytelling style shine through Chris Walter’s M.F.A. exhibition entitled “On Yonder Mountain,” featured in the large gallery of the Welch School of Art and Design galleries the week of March 12.   Beneath the overtones of the simple country life are references to art history, including transcendentalism, abstract expressionism, and relational aesthetics.

  • MFA Exhibit 25

    Using a diverse background to reach out to students

    Candidate Spotlight: Robert Tuschl

    Robert Tuschl, a double major in Political Science and Middle East Studies, is running for Vice President of Public Relations in the Student Government Association.   Tuschl says that as Vice President of Public Relations, he would focus on the issue of safety here at Georgia State, honing in on Georgia State police activity.

  • MFA Exhibit 2

    “My Trip to Notan” – An art exhibit by Jim Chapman

    Splashes of watercolor, colored pencils and oil pastels along with wire sculptures, notebooks, and diagrams lined the walls of the small gallery at the Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design, which featured Jim Chapman’s “My Trip to Notan” exhibit for his M.

  • Signal Spotlights

    Triathlon Club           Brittany Spornhauer               Students who enjoy running, swimming and biking are the perfect fit for The Triathlon Club at Georgia State.

  • signal

    Record reviews

    The Cranberries | Roses               Emerging from almost a decade of inactivity, Irish rockers The Cranberries are breathing life into their zombie of a career with a new release, Roses.

  • signal

    Are you ready to zumba?

             Nearly 200 Georgia State students  returned back from spring break to the Recreation Center’s first ever Zumbathon event, hosted by Student Recreational services. According to Anaja Maria Bass, the Facility Operations Graduate Assistant and a group fitness instructor who coordinated the Zumbathon, it was really “a two-hour dance party.

  • 123

    The Distinguished Speaker Series

    A Legend in the making

              The soulful and smooth notes that come from his voice can be distracting from his true talent. John Stephens, more recognizable by his stage name John Legend, has received acclaim for his vocal talent and songwriting.

  • signal

    Who’s your daddy?

    Georgia State ranks among the top 20 universities in the nation with the most sugar babies.

                       Tori first met her sugar daddy at a hotel restaurant wearing her best dress and little makeup. When they sat down at the candlelit table, she laid down some ground rules, like no sex on the first date.

  • MFA

    “Where Do We Go From Here?” – An art exhibit by James O’Donnell

    A headless man, feet in the sand and water beneath a sunrise (or sunset) is projected onto the main wall, greeting viewers as soon as they walk into the large gallery of the Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design. A heavy pulse vibrates throughout the room.

  • Poet Dave Smith holds a reading

    Poet, novelist, critic and editor Dave Smith gave a poetry reading in the Troy Moore Library in the English department Thursday night.   Students came to listen to him read several of his own poems published in his new book "Hawks on Wires." This book encompassed stories of his life placed in poetic form that, according to Smith, range in tones from humorous to melancholy.

  • Concert

    Georgia State’s School of Music Recital Wows

    On the back of the paper program given out to the audience is the line that states that the Georgia State School of Music "serves the pursuit of artistic, professional, and scholarly excellence", and that's exactly what was shown at the Student Concert Series recital held this past Friday, March 9th, in the Florence Kopleff Recital Hall.

  • Office of Intercultural Relations sponsors multi-faceted “Gender Equality” program

    Intercultural Ambassadors held an insightful "Gender Equality Through Fashion Expression" program Thursday night, that not only questioned issues of gender, but race as well. The ambassadors started the program by establishing the room as a safe place meant to foster open discussion.

  • 7th Annual Fast-A-Thon for Hope”

    "The Fast-A-Thon begins with one experience [of fasting] to create better understanding of Muslims and our practices," said Georgia State's Muslim Student Association (MSA) President Safia Ansari, 22.  "Fasting allows us to feel what people feel who don't have food to eat.

  • Singer-songwriter Rachel Loy jams at Georgia State

      Bass player. Singer. Songwriter. Billboard-charting artist. Rachel Loy has played many roles in her musical career, and this experience was on display Tuesday as she performed at Georgia State's Student Center. Organized by Campus Events as part of its Courtyard Series concerts, Loy's acoustic guitar and vocal performance showcased her songwriting skills.

  • Club Spotlight: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

    When InterVarsity Christian Fellowship members of Georgia State University heard that a special member of the organization was battling financial hurdles, they acted quickly and creatively.  The members  kicked  off a two-day bake sale on the Georgia State University campus to raise funds for Nick Johnson, a graduate of Georgia State University and founder of the Georgia State University chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

  • choir

    Georgia State University singers perform spring choir

    The Georgia State University Singers performed Tuesday night at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church along with Hillgrove High School Chamber Choir.  The Georgia State University Singers is the School of Music's premier vocal ensemble. The University Singers are made up of both music majors and non-majors, undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Georgia State offers student alternates for Spring Break

    This spring break Georgia State's "Panther Breakaway" will take five trips to different cities across the United States to provide students an opportunity to travel with peers and perform community service for those in need. Part of the national Alternative Break program, Georgia State offers "The Panther Breakaway.

  • Georgia State Courtyard series continues

    Georgia State's Courtyard series continued on Tuesday, when Atlanta native Chris Cauely, took the stage to preform an hour long acoustic set. Cauley is an R&B singer whose sound is heavily influenced by classic soul singers and groups and he cites Earth, Wind, and Fire and Stevie Wonder as his primary influences.

  • Fitness 1

    How to Deal: New Fitness Trends for Georgia State University Students

    Let's face it, you're in college and more loyal to your schoolwork than ever before.  Due to a crammed schedule, a tight budget,  and just plain lack of motivation,  exercising has probably never been   a top priority. Don't worry, Georgia State University's Recreational Center has you covered.

  • Online Exclusives Four True Love Stories

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  • There’s Always that One…

    Etiquette Faux Pas at Georgia State

    There's always that one... …student that gets on the elevator to go up or down one floor. Do it again and see what happens… …student that has a rolling book bag…hello this is COLLEGE. …professor that thinks cursing in class makes them cool.

  • Online Exclusives: Love Story Edition

    Chris Pena and Asia Johnson It was someone's birthday, there was loud music and the scene was your average college frat party. It was your classic boy meets girl, girl meets boy story. Asia Johnson and Chris Pena met at this party in October 2009, and soon after, she asked him out on a date.

  • signal

    St. Valentine's Day Edition

            It all began with a loud laugh during the summer of 2006.   Jimmy Saxton was the true comedian in his high school and with no surprise he received "Mr. Paulding County" as a superlative later in 2008.

  • signal

    Once upon a time

    Miranda and RJ       I had plans to meet my boyfriend of six years, R.J. Winslett, on a Saturday night after he got off work. It was raining and gross outside. I pulled around the back of his work like usual to wait for him to get off work.

  • signal

    Once upon a time....

    The Signal held a contest to let students share their personal love stories.,with the best story being featured on the front page. All of the stories were touching, so it was a hard choice, but here are the runner ups.

  • Midnight Mania

    Controlled Mania

     Georgia State's first annual Midnight Mania was indeed maniac-like with the crazy amount of exciting activities the Spotlight Programs Board provided. With the help of Georgia State students the Stoplight Programs Board provided several well-organized fun activities for students Friday, February 10th.

  • Kontraband Muzik Bring the Mix to Georgia State

                    A wide dent between the wooden stage and a half-interested audience didn't shrink this week's "Courtyard" performers, Kontraband Muzik, a band of blended genres.

  • Signal Spotlights

    Women’s Studies Professor Wins Prestigious Award

           Layli Maparyan of Georgia State's Women Studies department was recently presented with the prestigious Elizabeth Hurlock Beckman award, honored to only 15 other professors. The Beckman Award was created in order to recognize and honor teachers who have inspired their students to make a difference through "creating an organization, which has demonstrably conferred a benefit on the community at large," according to the American Psychological Association.

  • Greeks share their stories for Black History Month

               People who think of Black History often name influential leaders like non-violence advocates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his Civil Rights movement companion Rosa Parks, who refused to give up her seat to a white man on a bus in Montgomery in 1955.

  • Graham Robson | The signal

    Mark Kelly: On hope and recovery

      When an assassination attempt was made on his wife, Congresswoman Gabrielle "Gabby" Giffords, on Jan. 8, 2011, American astronaut and U.S. Navy combat pilot Mark Kelly seemed to have gone through it all. Aside from having flown combat missions in the Persian Gulf, piloting four separate space flights with each trip lasting about two weeks each, Kelly dealt with the biggest challenge of his life when a simple phone call turned his life upside-down.

  • Skin Bleaching

    A quest for lighter skin and what it leaves behind

      Editors Note: Due to the sensitivity of this article, some of the names have been changed.            Every morning and night Safia Ansari stood in front of the mirror, slapping the cream on her skin. After adding a layer of  high SPF sunscreen on top, she felt satisfied.

  • Hong Kong Association

      Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA) is a cultural club purposed around promoting Hong Kong culture at Georgia State. With President, Rosanna Chan and Vice President, My Tran, Hong Kong Student Association makes a point to make its presence known on campus.

  • signal

    Lisa Ling: Open Heart, Open Mind

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  • signal

    Mr. panther pride

    Georgia State’s Brandon “Frenchy” French paints Atlanta “blu”

               While the football team is on the Georgia Dome field, the stands are filled with hundreds of school-spirited students in their panther gear and their faces painted while belting out, "We in the city/ We gon' paint it blue!" From what song do these words originate? Any panther on campus would tell you they are the lyrics to "Blu-Blitz" by senior and Panther Pride leader Brandon French, better known as Frenchy.

  • Feed Your Senses at the Rialto

    Wednesday January 18, Georgia State's Rialto Center for the Arts and Intercultural Relations Department hosted a monthly event called, "Feed your Senses." Jazz vocalist Gwen Hughes performed as a tribute to the late Johnny Mercer. Hughes has been voted best jazz vocalist by Creative Loafing Magazine for the past four years.

  • Student Veterans Associations offers support to Georgia State veterans

      The Student Veterans Association is a support network to ensure the success of veteran students currently enrolled at Georgia State University. With the Georgia State chapter founded in 2009 under the direction of Dr. Doris Derby, Students Veterans Association is a part of the national organization Student Veterans of America.


    SIGNAL SPOTLIGHTS: Dancers on pointe

         Never had a dance class in your life but still want to show off your moves? Don't worry, Georgia State's Dancers on Pointe is here for you. Dancers on Pointe was founded twelve years ago by Deanna Owusu through the Black Student Theater Ensemble.


    Whitespace and Grey Specs Matter

    Located in the midst of the Georgia State campus on Edgewood Avenue, the Whitespace Gallery is as interesting to look and learn about as the artwork inside.

  • Signal Spotlights

    STUDENT | Jasmyn Wilkins

            Sometimes the best things can be found in the most unlikely places. Finding money on the ground, a wedding ring hidden in a champagne glass or even a beauty queen on a college campus. Georgia State's own Jasmyn Wilkins was crowned Miss Georgia 2012 and is on her way to representing our school and state in the Miss USA 2012 pageant this June.

  • Signal Spotlights

    PROFESSOR | Nancy Floyd

             Looking for a refreshing art piece? Professor Nancy Floyd of the Georgia State photography program may have what you're searching for.      Floyd takes an innovative approach to her work: the main focus of Floyd's photography is gunwomen.

  • Zoo” warms the hearts of audience members

           Director Cameron Crowe's latest effort, "We Bought a Zoo" follows a widower, Benjamin Mee -- played by Matt Damon-, who is trying to adjust to life without his wife in suburban southern California. Struggling with the task of taking care of his two children Dylan,Colin Ford, and Rosie,Maggie Elizabeth Jones, and writing for his local newspaper, he tries to figure out what step to take next.

  • judy kim

    MLK DAY 2012

            It was 26 years ago that Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was first recognized nationally as a federal holiday. Since the initial recognition of this once controversial holiday, the nation has made several strides towards the equality that King strived for.


    Keke Palmer

    on music, growing up and discovering her passion

             Lauren Keyana Palmer, known to the world as Keke Palmer, broke through in the 2006 film Akeelah and the Bee. Now, as an 18 year old, an established actress and singer and a Nickelodeon sitcom later, she's singing a more mature and relatable tune.

  • A trip to Costa Rica

          The day-long hike on Cerro Chato was not something one would have expected as part of a Thanksgiving vacation.       You could pounce on soft white sand and splash in the warmth of the cold Pacific – making sure not to grab several slender green vines to pull yourself up on steps too high for their stature.

  • Ryan Kulp is getting a jumpstart on entrepreneurship through the launch of two busi- nesses, PartiPi

    Student entrepreneur

    taking small steps to big future

          If you have worn a Georgia State sports button or went to any of the Spotlight Concerts last year, you were exposed to Ryan Kulp's handiwork. Kulp could be considered a jack of all trades. He has dabbled in everything from music to making gold teeth.

  • signal

    Giving birth to consciousness

           No finger snaps, no couplets or any rhyme schemes were needed at all. Even though there was a group of poets in the room, this was business. A small, white room in the Student Center of Georgia State, were the strategy grounds of pure creativity.

  • GSU students decorated their room in Thanksgiving spirit.

    Students show thanks through holiday traditions

           Does anyone still remember why Thanksgiving is celebrated in the first place? Or how the Yule tree became a staple symbol of Christmas? The winter holiday season has become a family- oriented time of celebration and reunion for many Americans.

  • Bill Nye

    Bill Nye : Science Guy or modern day Socrates?

            If there is anyone as enigmatic and influential on Western thought as Socrates, it is Bill Nye. The comedy writer-turned-educational scientist is a lot like the ancient Greek philosopher. Both are celebrated, innovative and unconventional.

  • signal

    Cheap and easy holiday recipes

    Holiday dinners can be tough: you have already spent all your money on presents for family and friends, so your holiday cooking budget is non-existent. However, most do not realize that a holiday meal can be created on a decent budget. Listed below are some recipes that are cheap, easy and best of all, won't break the piggy bank.

  • signal

    The Life of Danielle Rowe

           Danielle Rowe, a 23-year-old social butterfly who had a song, a dance and a big smile for every occasion, died Oct. 22  in a hit-and-run accident.       Born and raised for the first half of her life in Miami, Fla.

  • signal

    Miss Black and Gold 2011 shows off out of this world Galactic Beauties

    Nine contestants graced the stage as part of the 2011 Miss Black and Gold Pageant on Sunday, Nov. 6 in the Student Center Ballroom. Galactic Beauty was the theme of this year's Miss Black and Gold Pageant where one special contestant blew the audience and judges away with her wardrobe, poise, talent, intelligence and passion for community involvement.

  • intisAr serAAJ | the signAl

    Doing something good for change

             Every May 16th, Starr Valentino promotes everyone to do something good for his or her neighbor and believes bringing people together through love is a great start.        Valentino is a Christian man and says that although the Bible states to love thy neighbor, people no longer care about each other.

  • GSU Players take on heavy topics in latest musical

            Dancing, singing and comedy were taken on by GSU Players as part of the adult themed musical "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee." Audience members were engaged and enthralled by the various topics that were introduced ranging from sexual orientation and politics to self-esteem and stress, all wrapped up in a succinct two-hour long package.

  • JAMilA Dewitt | the signAl

    Exclusive Eats: Food guide to Atlanta restaurant scene

             Exclusive Eats is a "Fabulous Guide to Atlanta's Restaurant Scene." After frequent inquiry from friends about where to eat in Atlanta, CEO Zerita Buchanan created the food blog Exclusive Eats. It profiles an online guide to the most trendy and inexpensive restaurants around Atlanta.

  • lloyD cAlDwAy Jr., APV iMAges

    Intern Insider: PR powerhouse outshines competition

                 Where in the world is Soledad O'Brien?       Nicole Shields would know. As a public relations intern with CNN, it's her job to create press releases and media packages, publish web con- tent, write biographies and schedule photo shoots for documentary and show hosts Don Lemon, Kaj Larsen, Amber Lyon, Dr.

  • Student unleashes “College Wives”

    Bravo has the "Real Housewives" franchise, VH1 has "Basket- ball Wives" and Georgia State will soon have "College Wives."


  • Residence hall organization to host annual regional conference at Georgia State

    The South Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (SAACURH) is coming to Georgia State from Nov. 4-6 with the theme "Heroes to the Rescue."


  • ‘Let the fur fly’Front and center at the Ra Ra Riot show

    Whoever coined the term "let the fur fly" must have been front and center at the Ra Ra Riot show at the Earl Oct. 29.

  • Georgia State hooks up with Date My School

    Date My School is a website that is specifically designed for college students interested in the online dating scene. The website has recently decided to to introduce it to Georgia State students.

  • Kristen Cook


            As Tommy Cook, armed with an electromagnetic field reader and a flashlight, coolly leads a group of paranormal enthusiasts along the dirt road leading to an old church, his daughter Kristin trails behind him, bundled and quivering under the cold drizzle of the October night.


    Homecoming Report Pt II. Prince and Princess

    It's halftime at the Georgia State Homecoming football game and the crowd is cheering in anticipation, excitement and support.


    Eats on the streets: Rosa's pizza pie takes the cake

    If you're in the mood for fast food from a local burger joint in between classes, then Rosa's Pizza isn't for you.


    Alum honored for effort to end childhood hunger

    Share Your Strength program praises student’s dedication

    Jason Barry, Georgia State alum, was inducted into Share Our Strength's Cooking Matters' Hall of Fame for his work to fight hunger among Atlanta's children and their families.

  • Neftali Hernandez


             Eight candidates lined the home football field as they approached the end of their pursuit for a spot on the 2011 Homecoming Royal Court. The wait was over, after a tedious application process, rigorous campaigning efforts and a week full of Homecoming event appearances.

  • Into the heart of darkness

    Georgia State student Kristin Cook follows her father, a paranormal investigator, into the heart of

    For years, Kristin Cook would spend nights with her father watching Ghost Hunters on TV, talking about the recordings he would bring home and listening to his accounts of the paranormal investigations he had conducted with East Georgia Paranormal.


  • signal

    DIY costumes for Halloween

    Many college students experience heart palpitations when scanning the prices of pre-made Halloween costumes. Men and women's Halloween costumes tend to be an especially expensive and costly purchase just for one occasion. The solution for many broke college students this Halloween will be to create their own costumes. Here are a few less expensive do–it-yourself options that are just as awesome as a costume from pricey Halloween stores.


    Prefix 2011: The Greek Exhibition

    This year's fall Homecoming Greek Exhibition signified the celebration of Greek Life at Georgia State. This year was a first for the annual exhibition, as the Greek Stepshow competition is usu- ally held during the spring semester. Most of the Greek organizations step, stroll or dance, and the exhibition is an event where they can have fun while giving their fellow students the opportunity to see who they are.

    The Greek Exhibition is a small pre- view of what's to come in the spring. It's an event where the students can have a great time and mingle with their fellow student body. It also gives the different Greek organizations an opportunity to participate in Homecoming events, while allowing students to possibly gain an in- terest in joining a Greek organization.

    "Before this event, there wasn't any Greek participation during Homecom- ing and they felt sort of left out. This year was a way to reach out to the Greeks and to give them an opportunity to be a part of the Homecoming events. We want to make this event bigger and better every year. Everyone's participation and patron- age will help the event to be a success.", said Tre'von Williams, Journalism Major and the creator of the Greek Exhibition.

    Originally there were six Greek or- ganizations participating, unfortunately two groups had to drop out due to unfore- seen circumstances. The Greek organiza- tions that performed at the event were the Zeta Phi chapter of Delta Sigma Theta sorority, the Pi Alpha chapter of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity, the Theta Beta chapter of Phi Mu sorority, and the Zeta Theta chapter of Omega Psi Phi fraternity. Wil- liams hopes to have even more Greek par- ticipation at next year's event and maybe even some performers.

    Joadane Clerveau, a junior and Mar- keting major, enjoyed the program and looks forward to what's in store for next year. "The Greek Exhibition is setting the stage for a traditional Homecoming event, which is exclusive to the Greek organiza- tions. I can't wait until next year's Exhibi- tion."

    There was a huge turnout for the event and some students even had a chance to get free Homecoming t-shirts.

    There were also a few impromptu dance competitions and a special performance by the new GSU step team, P2. P2 brought the house down with several different step routines, and that was only a snippet of what they have in store.

    The Homecoming candidates were also in attendance, and had the opportu- nity to introduce themselves to the crowd. The candidates gave their name, major and the groups that they were a part of on campus; as well as why they should be chosen to represent Georgia State. Many reasons were given, such as involvement

    in organizations on campus, dreams of al- ways being a princess, as well as a love for Georgia State.

    For this to be the first annual Prefix Greek Exhibition, it was very well exe- cuted. The Exhibition had a huge turnout by the students of Georgia State as well as other neighboring colleges. The event's founder promises next year's event to be 10 times better, and we look forward to what the Greeks will do when it's their turn to hit the stage.


    Annual Golf Cart Parade Impresses

    The cool October breeze blew balloons, streamers and banners on golf carts and Homecoming floats awaiting on Gilmer Street Thursday, Oct 20 for the start of Georgia State's 9th annual Homecoming Golf Cart parade.


    The Royal Ball 2011

    Students and their guests anxiously waited in a lengthy line outside of the Student Center State Ballroom, for their chance to make an entrance into the Royal Ball 2011.

  • signal





    Let's meet the candidates!


    The Royal Ball 2011

    This year marks Georgia State's second football Homecoming, and along with several new traditions spun, this year's Royal Ball is equipped to impress.


    NSCS earns gold star award

    The Georgia State chapter of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) recently earned the Gold Star Award. This past summer, at an NSCS convention in Puerto Rico, the Georgia State chapter of the NSCS was recognized.



    Homecoming in Spring vs. Fall

    "Probably in the fall because its more traditional and its giving Georgia State more tradition so it's something to look forward to instead of basketball homecoming. It's not like a typical, big university school so its gives us something to look forward to in the future."'

    Reginald Sanders

    Senior-biology majo


    Recreation center celebrates a decade of serving students

    On Thursday, Georgia State's Recreation Center honored its 10th birthday along with its annual Day in the Rec. celebration

  • Georgia State university relations

    Five ways to overcome midterm mania


    Midterms –a gift and a curse. It is a gift because it signifies that students have made it through half the semester and have made it that much closer to winter break. It is a curse because they now have to begin late night study sessions, anxiety attacks, and sleep and nutrition deprivation in efforts to prepare. Instead of beating yourself up, The Signal has compiled five ways to instead beat test anxiety and best prepare you to ace all midterm

  • Louie Favorite | Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    Common cancels Distinguished Speaker Series appearance


    The rapper Common notified Cam`pus Events early Monday that he would be unable to attend his previously scheduled guest appearance because he would be in Haiti during that time.

  • signal

    From the Owls to the Panthers

    Before there was Georgia State Univeristy and Pounce the Panther, the university was once Georgia Institute of Technology's "Evening School of Commerce"— sporting an owl as its mascot.



    State of the art living at Georgia State

    Georgia State University is currently fourth on a list of the top 10 dorms in the nation, according to


    Top apps for a college student’s survival downtown

    The college generation has been revolutionized by the smart phone. With a device smarter than the average

    person, its applications seem almost necessary for surviving in these times.

    1 comment

  • Michelle Asci | Signal

    Open Mic Night returns with a bang

    Numerous student performers participated in Georgia State's Open Mic Night that re-opened for the first time in two years last Wednesday. Students were encouraged to sign up to perform with fellow classmates for a promised prize of $25, $50 and $100 for the first three winners.


  • Grace Lee

    Chief Justice prepares for new year

    Meet Allison Renyi, Georgia State University's Chief Justice of the Student Judicial Board (SJB). Renyi is a double major of Public Policy and Political Science and took on the responsibility of being a Student Justice. Renyi soon went on to become Chief Justice. The SJB is a branch of Georgia State's Student Government Association (SGA).

  • Michelle Asci | Signal

    The Buried Life crosses Georgia State off bucket list

    The Buried Life, a reality show that has aired on MTV since January 2010, was recently renewed for a second season,  premiering Sept. 27. The show is based on an easy, yet hard question, "What do you want to do before you die?" The show has a huge following and is lead by friends Ben Nemtin, Jonnie Penn, Duncan Penn, and Dave Lingwood, who travel across the country in order to complete things on their bucket list.

  • Jamila Dewitt | Signal

    Hanging with the cast of The Buried Life

    The Buried Life's Jonnie Penn and Dave Lingwood sat down with The Signal before speaking to students at Georgia State's Distinguished Speaker's series.

  • Nemonie Nooks

    Academic achievement is necessary in efforts to be successful on any college campus. Skills such as

    "I wish I knew the importance of networking in college. If I knew then what I know now, I believe I would've had a lot more opportunities to meet new people who could help me to excel in my career choice."


    Nemonie Nooks


    Criminal Justice Major

  • Chevon Hines

    CEOs come together on campus

    Recently, Georgia State welcomed the newly charted organization, Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization (CEO) a national entrepreneurship network with chapters across the United States.


  • Jamila Dewitt | Signal

    Meet the Greeks introduces Greek Life to students

    Fraternities and Sororities of the Multicultural Greek Council and the National Pan-Hellenic Council showed off their talent Wednesday night at Meet the Greeks. Many students were in attendance to see what Greek Life is all about. According to GSU Greek Life, Greek-letter organizations were founded on the ideals of scholarship, community service, leadership, and life-long friendship.


  • Signal

    Hanging with DJ Peter Parker

    If useful for nothing else, Georgia State is

    never lacking in terms of providing incredible

    talent like local DJ and junior Devaughn Canterbury,

    also known as DJ Peter Parker.



    Small steps to a greener future

    The "Go Green" concept has become increasingly popular on college campuses across the nation. Many universities are becoming more intentional in their efforts to develop greener campus through building environmental friendly structures, recycling efforts and sustainability programming.


    Professor remembers 9/11 with special video project


    As the Georgia State community remembers and pays tribute to the 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Craig Dongoski, a professor for the Welch School of Art and Design, has assembled a video installation in hopes of preserving the historical date in the minds of those who view it.

  • University takes on President’s challenge

    Earlier this year, President Obama challenged institutes of higher learning to commit to his efforts in developing collaboration across different religious and non-religious backgrounds through community service.

Arts and Living

  • Laura Fischer, citizen of the world

    “It's not like that I thought when I was 20 that I want to go to Italy, Australia and the States”at 27 years old Laura Fischer (name has been changed) from Munich, Germany has been a globe trotter for years without really planning to be one. She has lived in five countries already though and expects to graduate from a MBA in finance at Georgia State University in a few weeks.

  • Suicide: The Last Resort

      With tears streaming down her face, Leanne Young, a freshman Criminal Justice major, remembers when she received the devastating news of her best friend Susanna Kwak hanging herself in her home a little more than a year ago.   Kwak, her best friend since the fourth grade, chose to carry out what she thought was her last resort to escaping her pain and misery. 1 comment

  • color1

    The Color Run

      The Color Run made it's way to Atlanta's Piedmont Park Saturday as the largest race yet in the history of the 5k.    This race benefitted Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. The starter in the race, Lucy Sansbury, a 4-year-old was born with a heart defect and is now well thanks to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

  • Pantherpalooza brings powerful performances and electric energy

      Mixing pop, hip-hop, techno, funk and R&B might sound like a clash of the titans in terms of musicality, but that couldn’t be further from the truth with the lineup for Georgia State’s Pantherpalooza. Spotlight made sure to cover its bases in terms of diversity for the Apr.

  • Earth Day at Georgia State

      Earth Day is quickly approaching, and Georgia State’s 4th annual Earth Day Celebration, Green is the New Black, has again begun on campus. In the Unity Plaza, student leaders Eboni Wyatt and Al Jones help put Earth Day activities together around this time each year.

  • Thrifty Corner

      As a college student it becomes difficult to juggle a healthy diet and time. Many quickly realize that the dollar burger tossed out the drive-thru window in three minutes is an easier fix than a trip to the grocery store and preparation of a three-course meal.

  • Living Walls, the City Speaks

      Ornate geometrical patterns and splashes of vibrant orange paint fill the silhouette of a fox, contrasting brightly against the dull fading wall of a Cabbagetown building.  For Trek Matthews, it started with a drawing. Then, buying paint, projecting the silhouette of the image onto the building, buffing the area to be painted, free handing the rest, and finally the painting process.

  • Record Reviews

      After whipping up a rage with her debut Pink Friday in 2010, last week hip-hop emcee Nicki Minaj staked her claim as a formidable chart force again with the arrival of her eagerly awaited sophomore set Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. This release is a A mix of genres , split loosely in two separate albums.

  • Earth Day at Georgia State

      Earth Day is quickly approaching, and Georgia State’s 4th annual Earth Day Celebration, Green is the New Black, has again begun on campus. In the Unity Plaza, student leaders Eboni Wyatt and Al Jones help put Earth Day activities together around this time each year.

  • A Gamble That Worked: The History of Earth Day

      Each year we pay homage to our Mother Earth by celebrating April 22 as Earth Day. For most, its an unrecognized holiday that only tree-hugging hippies celebrate, but there is much more to the holiday than planting trees and singing “Kumbaya.” The minds behind Earth Day began the environment movement by protesting.

  • Take Back the Night

      The Department of Student Health Promotion hosted, Take Back the Night on Tuesday evening in the Unity Plaza to bring awareness of sexual violence, and unite students in a fight to end the abuse.    The slogan ‘Take Back the Night’ references the scores of women who are afraid to be out at night due to the high rate of violence that is perpetrated against them during the evening hours.

  • spring

    Students hypnotized at the annual Spring Fling

      The 2012 annual Spring Fling, put on by Spotlight Programs, offered students a variety of programs everyday the whole week and attracted a record number of students.  April 3rd-6th, events such as Good Morning Commuters, Screen on the Green, Game Night and a music bash took place on campus.

  • King Pops

    King of pops

    Summer heat at Georgia State just got a little more bearable.  King of Pops, an ice-pop company based in the city, has made Woodruff Park a new permanent location.  At $2.50 each, these pops are handmade with fresh, organic ingredients from local farmers markets and feature some of the most eclectic flavors you will ever taste.

  • Reel Reviews

    The Last Reef

        "The Last Reef," a documentary feature shown in the Atlanta Film Festival, used bright imagery and a worthy topic to draw in viewers of the film. This film focused on the Bikini Reef in the Pacific Ocean and its effort to rebuild itself after atomic bomb explosions in the area during the late '40s.

  • Reel Reviews

    Wrath of the Titans

      If you’re going to go see "Wrath of the Titans," make sure you see it in 3D, because the computer graphics seem to be the only thing the producers actually spent any money on, besides hiring Liam Neeson. With a name like "Wrath of the Titans," you’d expect a non-stop battle royale of the ancient Greek pantheon; instead you’ll be inundated with disappointing one-liners from actors with puzzling accents.

  • Record Reviews

    Madonna, MDNA

      Most 53-year-olds are worried about hot flashes and loss of libido, but with her new album MDNA, Madonna shows that despite her age, her sex is on overdrive and she’s hotter than ever. Filled with dance anthems and “eff yous”, MDNA proves that the Queen of Pop still reigns supreme and she won’t let any Gagas or Rihannas steal her crown.

  • Record Reviews

    The All-American Rejects, Kids in the Street

      We all probably remember the All-American Rejects from their 2003 breakout hit, “Swing Swing” or their more recent track “Gives You Hell.” Kids in the Street is the band’s first album in four years. But within the first minute of the first track, “Someday’s Gone,” it’s easy to see that the All-American Rejects have not grown much during their four-year hiatus.

  • Record Reviews

    Macy-Gray, Covered

        Wildly eclectic pop and R&B artist Macy Gray has not been on top of the music world for more than a decade now, but on her sixth studio album, she continues to make it known that she won't go away quietly, if at all. Covered, which was released on March 27 is a collection of remakes of rock, pop and indie music songs, by Macy, but with each being transformed to the point that they bear little resemblance to the originals.

  • zoo 1

    An exclusive pass to Zoo Atlanta’s newest adventures

      Atlantans who have not yet visited the newest animal attractions at Zoo Atlanta will likely hear about them from someone who has - as dozens of local media outlets alighted there last week before official opening on Saturday, March 31. A sneak peek safari made majestic, daring and endearing gestures to those who ventured beyond the safe, wooden rails of popular zoo exhibits to meet face-to-face with animal friends.

  • Fashion

    International Fashion Show

      More than 200 attended the International Fashion Show Friday night to enjoy ethnic African clothing styles modeled by students of various organizations and dancers to compliment the multi-cultural atmosphere. The International Fashion Show was hosted by the African Student Association and kicked off this year’s International Spring Festival.

  • Capsule

                     “Apps” offered on iPhones and Androids have become one of today’s many must-haves on a multi-generational level. One of the newer apps, Capsule, is garnering significant attention with many iPhone and Android users.

  • From Intern to Communications Director, A Passion for Public Relations and Street Art Alike

      Spanning multiple parking levels, a red fire hydrant marked with the Chinese flag and captioned with “Emergency Only” dominates a parking deck near Underground Atlanta on Pryor Street. “After we put it up there, no one had any idea that it was political,” said Alex Parrish, journalism major and Director of Communications for Living Walls, the City Speaks.

  • Community comes together through Inman Park Restaurant Week

      Inman Park showed that it’s diverse in more than just one way with the wide variety of food offered during Inman Park Restaurant Week. Fourteen restaurants came together during the last week of March to offer meals made for tantalizing the taste buds of the community for a discounted price.

  • Kathryn Stockett: Early rejection leads to huge success for author of The Help

      The Help was on The New York Times best-seller list for over 100 consecutive weeks, has sold over five million copies and been adapted into an Oscar nominated film. It was the best-selling work of fiction in 2011—nearly two years after its initial publication.

  • Blind

    Behind the Blind Eyes of GSU

      Being on an urban campus is scary enough surrounded by a mix of thousands of students and the population of downtown Atlanta, but for blind Georgia State student Ben Schuler, 21, it is what makes Georgia State exciting and challenging.               “You can’t let it [blindness] hold you back,” said Schuler, a junior psychology major.

  • SSA

    Student Alumni Association hosts barbeque, cooks up food and student-alumni relations

    The Student Alumni Association’s barbeque brought hundreds of new, old, and prospective members to Gilmer Street on Thursday afternoon, with promises of networking and the smell of grilled hot dogs. The purpose of the organization is to allow students to build relationships with alumni, according to Monaco Jones, the group’s vice president of public relations.

  • Sensebilities

    Meet the Students with Sensibilities

    Many of us here at Georgia State have seen them in the Library Plaza on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in their light blue t-shirts, with sky-high personalities and friendliness. If you don’t know their name, they are the Students for Sensible Drug Policies at Georgia State, SSDP, and they are a fairly new student organization on campus with a specific goal in mind.

  • Georgia filmmaking offers industry and opportunity

    Even Dirty Harry has traded the San Francisco Police Department and Pacific coast for Piedmont and Peachtree Streets. Actors like Clint Eastwood, in town filming the baseball-based Trouble with the Curve, have become an increasingly common in Atlanta and Georgia.

  • Weekend preview of events

      If you’re planning on staying in the city over the next few days, you’re in for a treat—Atlanta is packed with all kinds of events this weekend. If you're of age, check out the weekend drink specials at Midcity Cafe Friday night from 4:00 pm until 2:00 am.


    Aaron Bingham         Amidst the buzz of conversation and a constant shuffling of coffee drinkers, Aaron Bingham calmly sits upright at a small table in Saxby’s. The chair across from him turns outward from the table like a hand extended in greeting. 1 comment

  • Melancholia

    Cinefest Movie Review

      Two sisters, one a severely depressed newlywed, the other a tired, ignored wife, go through an off-kilter wedding and deep depression while a approaching planet dances around Earth before crashing into it; this is Melancholia and as crazy as it sounds, it is absolutely stunning.

  • "Can You Feel It- The UMF Experience” Review

      You haven’t lived until you’ve danced. I mean no-holds-barred, carefree danced. The type of uncontrollable takeover induced by Electronic Dance Music. The annual Ultra Music Festival allows you to partake in such a necessary phenomenon. Imagine being surrounded by 50,000 people all taking a part in the largest dance party in the world with sounds provided by the best EDM DJs in the world.

  • duffy

    Students take action through campus group International Socialist Organization

             Since its start three years ago, the International Socialist Organization (ISO) has been working to “build an organization that participates in the struggles for justice and liberation today and, ultimately, for a future socialist society,” according to co-founder and president of the organization, Tom Gagne. 1 comment

  • sig

    Record Reviews

    Big K.R.I.T 4eva N a Day          Big K.R.I.T. doesn’t disappoint with his latest mixtape, 4eva N a Day, mixing catchy hooks, smooth jazz and heavy beats as he flexes his skills as both a producer and a rapper.          The element that makes this mixtape so enjoyable is that the K.

  • REEL Reviews

    JOHN CARTER                “John Carter” starring Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Willem Dafoe and Ciaran Hinds is a movie based on the book A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. This book was written over a hundred years ago and nothing could have described it more tropical in a day and age when twenty-first century science is all out to crack Da Martian Code by stepping foot on planet Mars.

  • Weekend preview of events

    St. Patrick's Day is approaching and the city of Atlanta is painted green with fun-filled events to kickoff of the holiday weekend.     The St. Patrick's Day Parade and Festival will begin Saturday March 17, 2012 at noon and features parade participants including the Augusta Angels Dancers and Drumline, Chattahoochee Celtic Pipes and Drums, Atlanta Police Department, and guest of honor Consul General Noel Kilkenny of Ireland, New York.

  • Clint 1

    Clint Eastwood and others shooting in Atlanta

    Clint Eastwood is in town as he is shooting The Trouble With The Curve  starring Amy Adams, John Goodman and Justin Timberlake. Surprisingly Clint Eastwood is acting in the movie, but it is directed by Robert Lorenz. However Lorenz  is a long-time associate of Clint Eastwood.

  • Day trips: an opportunity to explore Georgia

      Like those Southwest Airline commercials say, sometimes you just want to get away. Luckily for us, that’s easy to do from Atlanta—there are almost too many places within an hour or two of the city where you can soak up Georgia’s all-too-brief spring weather.

  • Tim and Eric Stay Weird

    “It’s like Freddie Got Fingered on acid!” When I left the pre-screening for Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, this is one of the first criticisms I heard. As I watched the film’s 94 minutes of Diamond Jim, Chef Goldblum, drug romps, wolf catching, loosely defined “sex” scenes, sword fighting, scat humor, spiritual guiding, and awkward murder, it never once occurred to me that someone else in the theatre could actually hate all of this.


          GOOD DEEDS       Nicole Holman          Tyler Perry’s movies often have somewhat of an acquired taste, but “Good Deeds” will probably leave a taste that is either definitely bland or definitely bitter. Starring himself and Thandie Newton, the movie provides a message to inspire others to not only do the right thing but also do what’s right for you.

  • signal

    Record reviews

    The Cranberries | Roses               Emerging from almost a decade of inactivity, Irish rockers The Cranberries are breathing life into their zombie of a career with a new release, Roses.

  • Beth Dubber | Warner Bros. Pictures Release  The breakout hit, which cost about $12 million to produ

    Project Xclusive: A look at the cast

            Jonathan Daniel Brown, Thomas Mann and Oliver Cooper were laughing as the press walked into the room. The three actors paused their conversation and walked up to us, eagerly introducing themselves and shaking hands as we sat down to talk about their new movie, “Project X”, which hit theaters on March 2.

  • Shame

    Reel Reviews

    Shame (2011) is centered around a self-centered man who buries resentment and  dissatisfaction  for himself inside emotionless, sexual relationships he has with women. This internal struggle, comes to light as the film unfolds.  Brandon, played by Michael Fassbender ( X-Men: First Class), is a very attractive 30- something New York businessman with lots of charm and an insatiable appetite for sex--  leaving no women that he encounters unconquerable, or at least he tries not to.

  • Sleigh Bells, “Reign of Terror”

    Album Review

      In 2010, Sleigh Bells ruptured every hipster's eardrums with their incessant drums, cheerleader chants and shrieking guitars and everybody liked it. We loved it. Their 2010 debut album, Treats, shot straight to the top of many music magazines' end-of-the-year lists and also stayed heavily on my most played songs on iTunes.

  • Non-Traditional Big Top

    Usually the big top is the home of a diverse set of animal performers. Graceful tigers, towering elephants and drooling bears are often the stars of the traditional three-ring circus. Well ladies, gentlemen, boys, and girls, a gust of fresh circus air just blew over Atlanta.


    SAFE HOUSE           If you're looking for an exhilarating thriller to attend and keep you on the edge of your seat, "Safe House" may be just the movie for you. Academy Award winner Denzel Washington and Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Reynolds team up in this highly anticipated action film.

  • yUTi JoSHi

    Record Reviews

           The British vocalist Seal brought in a beautiful setting of music from the '70s with his new album Soul 2. Filled with complete nostalgia, this album is the sequel to his 2008 album Soul, which was another inspirational compilation depicting the '60s.

  • signal

    Question Bridge connects art and social consciousness

              Towering oak trees line the trail from West Wieuca Road to the big, red front door of the City Gallery at Chastain Arts Center. Inside the door is a video installation that exhibits the collective work of photo conceptual artist Hank Willis Thomas, photographer Chris Johnson, arts educator Bayeté Ross Smith and Atlanta-based artist and producer Kamal Sinclair.

  • signal

    Books and Bears and a lot of Heart

         Arielle Wiltshire-Scott believes she was born to be a philanthropist. She may be right.      Webster's defines a philanthropist as "one who makes an active effort to promote human welfare." Wiltshire-Scott is living up to that definition.

  • signal

    The Princess and the Goblin

             The tale of The Princess and the Goblin was created in 1872 as a children's fantasy novel written by George MacDonald. Last weekend, choreographer and director Twyla Tharp brought the tale to the world of ballet.

  • anTonio roSaleS | The Signal

    Atlanta Race Riot: A journey through the city’s history

               It was the turn of the twentieth century. Crowds gathered on the streets of downtown in fall. Tensions ran high as racial problems came to a boiling point, leading to the once blood soaked streets that we now use to guide our way through campus daily.

  • Weekend preview of events

    Maybe you are looking for ideas and original things to do during this last week-end before Spring Break. Here is a selection of cultural outings for Friday and Saturday nights in Atlanta and around.  AC/DC Tribute All hard rock fans and AC/DC nostalgic will be thrilled on Friday night at the Masquerade with the band Back N Black playing all the greatest song from the legendary band.

  • Reel Reviews

    Weekend: A loev story that's grounded in reality. Long, boring, plot-less and dull life.

    Weekend Directed by Andrew Haigh (Tom Cullen, Chris New)   Rated: NR                                                                  Grade: C-   A love story that's grounded in reality.

  • Reel Reviews

      The Woman in Black        In "The Woman in Black," Daniel Radcliffe stars as a lawyer who journeys to a remote village in an effort to recover a deceased woman's will and ultimately save his job. However, what he ends up finding is a town haunted by the woman in black.

  • si

    Album Reviews

    Paul McCartney, Kisses on the Bottom        After he finished his tenure with the Beatles, no one expected Paul McCartney to top himself musically. His new pop standards compilation, Kisses on the Bottom, holds this point valid, but it's certainly not among his worst offerings.

  • Pure Wizdum: Student Entrepreneur shares secret to his success

             In terms of finding and keeping a job, starting a business has never really been seen as the safest or reliable route for a person to take. When the unknown pressure of launching your own brand is added to the cost of living and the unstable job market,  most people could give up on starting a business before they even begin, but it's not impossible.

  • Valentines Day Quiz

    What kind of date are you?

    Valentine's Day is both embraced and met with hostility by many people every year, and for good reason. The flowers, chocolate and forced diner conversation can get old for anyone. But before you venture out there on a date, know what type of dater you are.

  • Savanna Keo | The Signal

    Sugar, Spice and everything nice

          In a small storefront nestled in historic Vinings, Andra Hall greets customers from behind a Plexiglas case filled with tiered, glass stands atop a white counter. Each tier holds a freshly baked, neatly decorated cupcake made from scratch.

  • Turn Your Valentine’s Day Around

      For some, Valentine's Day is just an annual reminder of how romantically lonely you are and how you have yet to find that person you can stand for more than the typical duration of a high school relationship. Well, stop feeling sorry for yourself and find something fun to do.

  • New mid-season shows hit the small screen

    TV Show Reviews

    Alcatraz (Fox): J.J. Abraham the creator of Alias and Lost is back with a new production. An Intriguing intro put us back in the 60s' when the jail was still in activity and when prisoners were supposed to transfer from it. We get back right after it in these days world for what will be a thriller with ex-convicts in San Francisco.

  • REEL REVIEWS : Man on a Ledge

      Sam Worthington stars in Asger Leth's new thriller, "Man on a Ledge," which was released this month.           The plot of "Man on a Ledge" fits the title of the movie perfectly. Throughout the movie, cameras follow Nick Cassidy (Worthington), a man convicted of stealing a very expensive diamond from a very important businessman, David Englander (Ed Harris), as he spends most of the film literally standing on the ledge of a top-floor hotel room.

  • Album Review: Tim McGraw, Emotional Traffic

      Tim McGraw drives in a new direction with Emotional Traffic.       Despite Tim McGraw straddling the line between a somber country tone and a peppy pop sound in his most recent project, his smooth vocals and expressive songs make for an enjoyable album from start to finish.

  • Album Review : Lamb of God, Resolution

              Heavy metal can be somewhat confusing for those without much exposure to the genre. Lamb of God's new release, Resolution, might be able to clear up some of the many misconceptions about metal in general.           Lamb of God's style differs from a lot of metal in that their focus is on melody and ensemble arrangement rather than the self-celebratory shredding that is so often heard in the genre.

  • Piecing the community together

            David Fichter, grasping a cup of coffee with excitement in his eyes, walks the puddle-filled streets of downtown Atlanta, his home away from home. He arrives at his destination, facing a place he once spent months spreading hues across the brick wall, but he hasn't visited in a long  time.

  • Weekend Preview of Events

           There's plenty to do in Atlanta this weekend. Avenue Q premiers Friday night, Feb. 3rd at the Horizon Theater company. Showings are at 8:00 pm and will the show will run until Feb. 10th. This funny, light-hearted musical tells the story Princeton, a recent college graduate who tries to find his place in the world and who happens to be a puppet.

  • Thrift 1

    Thrift shopping off the racks

      The stigma attached to thrift shopping is beginning to detach itself. With celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Ashton Kutcher dressing like fashionable bums, the "thrifty" look has started to catch on. But for Georgia State students Rashard Dobbins and Jessica Townsend thrift shopping is not just a fad for them.

  • TV Show Reviews

    Dance Moms Review This dance-sational hit reality show that began on Lifetime last year, is back for season two with even more outrageous moments. Abby Lee, the owner and operator of the renowned Abby Lee Dance Studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, brings the heat each week as she prepares her young dancers for competitions around the nation.


            CLUB  | Gamer's Revolution   Whether you are fighting for your life, going on a quest or rocking out in a band, video games allow for all types of people to enter a world where imagination and creativity take over.

  • signal

    Album Review

           Country songstress Kellie Pickler puts her heart to music on her new album release 100 Proof. This 12-track project allows listeners to view Pickler in a more personal and relatable light through her heartfelt and emotional lyrics.

  • signal

    Album Reviews

    Craig Finn, Clear Heart, Full Eyes (Vagrant)

            If an artist creates a solo record after a storied history with a particular group, the quality of the solo project will inevitably be judged alongside their group's past material, for better or worse. The same is true for the recent solo venture from Craig Finn, called Clear Heart, Full Eyes.

  • Sarah Woods

    Off the Edge: The Rialto's Contemporary Dance Event

            In the past week, Atlanta has been the host of "Off the Edge," a weeklong festival of dance and performances presented by Georgia State University's Rialto Center, Kennesaw State University (KSU) and gloATL.

  • Reel Reviews

    Red Tails

             After 23 years of production, the highly anticipated film, "Red Tails," hit theatres on Jan.    20. Raking in $19.1 million in its opening weekend, director Anthony Hemingway and executive producer George Lucas proved to Hollywood naysayers that a film featuring a majority African American cast can indeed rack up the coins.

  • Reel Reviews

    Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

            Many movies have been released about the Sept. 11 attacks that attempt to show the bravery and devastation of that fateful day in 2001. "World Trade Center", released in 2006, gives the 9/11 story from a firefighter's perspective; "United 93", also released in 2006, portrays the event from the eyes of the passengers and crew on the United 93 air- plane; and "Fahrenheit 911", released in 2004, shows viewers a more inside look at President George W.

  • Sarah Woods

    Off the Edge: The Rialto's Contemporary Dance Event

            In the past week, Atlanta has been the host of "Off the Edge," a weeklong festival of dance and performances presented by Georgia State University's Rialto Center, Kennesaw State University (KSU) and gloATL.

  • Reel Reviews

    Underworld: Awakening

    Grade: C-   To absolutely no one's surprise, Underworld: Awakening, the 4th movie in the long-drawn out Underworld series, is all style over substance. The fact that this movie is advertised on the strength of it's 3-D camera work (which is admittedly used to great effect) should be the first clue that the plot might not exactly be the selling point of the film.

  • Weekend Preview of Events

    Tell those rain clouds, metaphorical and realistic, to move out the way! Is the stress of this semester already irritating you? Start off your weekend with a free one-day anxiety workshop at New Beginnings Counseling Center in Lawrenceville, Ga.

  • signal

    ALBUM REVIEW :Captain Beefheart: Bat Chain Puller

    Captain Beefheart: Bat Chain Puller

             Reissues of old records are commonplace today, but first-time releases of long-since recorded albums are seldom seen. That's exactly the case of Bat Chain Puller, Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band's lost would-be opus that was shelved after its production in 1976 due to a conflict between the producers and the label.



    The Maccabees

           Given to the Wild is The Maccabees' third album, which has already gotten a lot of media praise in their United Kingdom home. They recorded the album over two years and the result was a compilation of beautiful and intricate tracks.


               CONTRABAND   Contraband, an action film set in New Orleans, introduces Mark Wahlberg as an ex-smuggler named Chris Farraday determined to leave his old ways in the past.             The film introduces interesting elements by taking the main characters to the country of Panama, where Wahlberg is in a race against time to pick up illegal merchandise to keep his family safe back home.


    The Iron Lady fails to impress

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  • Thrifty Corner | Your guide to Atlanta life on a dime

    As a college student, numerous hours are spent investigating the nightlife of whatever city or small town perhaps, your college dwells in. Georgia State students might not realize how lucky they are to have a city like Atlanta at their fingertips to take advantage of, or maybe they simply don't know how.

  • Weekend events preview

       Don't let the recent string of cold weather fool you. This weekend's going to be a warm one for Atlanta. With sunny skies, and highs in the 60's there's plenty to do downtown. Percussion performance group "Blast" comes to the Cobb Energy center and will do two shows on Saturday at 2 and 8pm and one show on Sunday at 2pm.

  • The Skin I Live In offers audeinces glimpses of a madman's life

    CineFest is known across campus for showing unique and cultural films, and The Skin I Live In, from director Pedro Almodóvar, lives up to this reputation. With Antonio Banderas headlining this film, it is clear from the first scene that viewers are soon to be entangled in a web even bigger than anything Charlotte could have created.

  • The Devil Inside

             The highly popularized film "The Devil Inside" is what is known as a ‘mockumentary' – a documentary style film in which fictitious events are made out to seem, well, nonfictitious.          With this in mind, movie-goers expectations shouldn't be too high, considering how terrible of a movie this turned out to be.

  • signal



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             Since they released Brothers in 2010, it's become clear that there are two distinct sides to the Black Keys, stylistically speaking. Gritty blues-rock characterized the first portion of their career, but the duo is rapidly adapting their style to the tastes of more conventional palates.


    “An Evening with Nicole Paige Brooks at The Ponce, Atlanta”

            Atlanta is regarded by many as a mecca for the gay community,,and this is reflected strongly in the city's thriving drag culture. Atlanta has had a sizeable and diverse drag scene for years.          "[The scene] is very big.



    one year later

             "The military is now able today to take greater pride in their record on diversity and their mission, which is to defend our nation's freedom."          These are the words of Danny Ingram, one of the first soldiers discharged from the military under the law banning homosexual men and women from serving openly in the military, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

  • Nelly –O.E.M.O

              A little more than one year after his successful 5.0 album, Nelly is back again as he drops his new and highly anticipated project  O.E.M.O., which stands for On Everything Mo.           O.

  • Campus Councils puts the “N” in Excellence

              In her response to staff writer Brittany Spornhauer's article "Racism is absurd but reverse racism is ok?" Georgia State's section of the National Council of Negro Women, Inc. (NCNW) President Jeida K.

  • signal

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

             The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, directed by David Fincher, is an English-language adaptation of the Swedish novel by Stieg Larsson. The story follows a journalist who has found himself in the middle of legal turmoil regarding an alleged libelous article.

  • judy kim

    Album Review

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  • signal


    Let’s Go Eat at the Factory

              It seems as though we've come into the age of reunion albums, in which the groups of yore are cashing in on their past successes with "original lineups" and material that sounds at once just new enough and old enough.


    Keke Palmer

    on music, growing up and discovering her passion

             Lauren Keyana Palmer, known to the world as Keke Palmer, broke through in the 2006 film Akeelah and the Bee. Now, as an 18 year old, an established actress and singer and a Nickelodeon sitcom later, she's singing a more mature and relatable tune.

  • judy kim

    MLK DAY 2012

            It was 26 years ago that Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was first recognized nationally as a federal holiday. Since the initial recognition of this once controversial holiday, the nation has made several strides towards the equality that King strived for.

  • Atlanta Showcases Various Concerts in January

                  Like every other month in Atlanta, January is kind to the fan of live music. And while the joys of an outdoor concert are still months away, there are plenty of hot shows to catch at many premier Atlanta venues.

  • Opened 14 years ago, Ali Baba’s is located on Broad Street and serves a variety of Mediterranean ins

    The Mediterranean meets downtown

            There are plenty of places that students can eat on Broad Street that can make your mouth water, but Ali Baba's is the only place that offers a menu that's full of food and caters to those with a foreign taste for Mediterranean culture.

  • shakes things up

           What do you get when you throw three hung-over designers together and give them 24 hours to create a website? a website that gives you the perfect cocktail for any music selection.       Hannah Donovan, Matthew Ogle and Lindsay Eyink arrived at Hack Day in Boston with alcohol on the brain.

  • Mike Posner, The Layover

    Album Review

    The Roots – Undun

           Penetrating The Roots universe is not always easy at first listen, but as you go into the Philadelphia jazz/rap band's atmosphere, it brings you a quiet withdrawal of the world.         After teasing us with the first single "Make My" and other following short video clip leaks of "Stomp" or "Sleep," their new album undun releases on Dec.

  • signal

    Twilight: Breaking Dawn movie review

              With such intense excitement already driving fans wild to see the third Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part I, how did director Bill Condon keep moviegoers interested? Fans that have read the book already know what will happen and fans that have been following the movie online had obvious hints of what was going to happen; however, the film has managed to remain number one in the Box Office so far, grossing approximately $220.

  • Movie Review

            Martin Scorsese has directed every kind of movie at this point in his career - from the musical New York, New York to the mob classic Goodfellas. However, one genre has eluded the master storyteller until now: the family film.

  • Album Review : Rihanna | TALK THAT TALK

           Suck my cockiness/Lick my persuasion/ Eat my words and then swallow your pride down, down!" No, that's not a quote from your drunk and promiscuous aunt at her birthday party last year. That's Rihanna talking dirty to you on a track off of her new album, Talk That Talk.


    Georgia State student DJ Dunsker took the crown as best DJ of the nighton Nov. 18, when eight DJ's from four different colleges competed to win Table Manners; a competition for DJ's sponsored by Red Bull Energy Drink. Emily Reinecke, a student at Georgia State and the Student Brand Manager for Red Bull organized this event together.


  • Afrekete presents WERK fashion show

    Last Friday evening, a hallway in the Cosby building of Spelman College was transformed into a runway for college students of Morehouse College and Spelman College.

  • Robert Schwartzman | Double Capricorn

             Pop records are a dime a dozen — they're kind of made to be that way, after all — but Rooney vocalist Robert Schwartzman's new solo release, Double Capri- corn, is a little different in at least one regard.

  • My Brightest Diamond | All Things Will Unwind

               Fans who liked My Brightest Diamond's previous works may love the band's newest album. All Things Will Unwind, their latest release, contains experimental sounds and provocative lyrics that startle the senses and captivate the mind.

  • Album Reviews

    Florence + The Machine | Ceremonials

              Florence + The Machine | Ceremonials          Florence Welch is painfully self-aware. She is not afraid to be completely exposed in her music, and you can hear it in every track on her latest album Ceremonials.


    Super Mario invades Underground Atlanta

    Staff Reports,         In celebration of the new video game Super Mario 3D Land, Nintendo organized a series of flash mobs where 100 Mario volunteers would run around a city and eventually congregate at a mall or another popular place to put on a little show. 1 comment

  • courtesy of PcgAMer.coM

    Game review

               On Nov. 11, Skyrim, the long awaited fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls series hit stores. The Elder Scrolls is a video game series that has been evolving over time, with a dedicated group of fans that have been following the mythos.

  • Björk Biophilia One Little Indian/Nonesuch

    Album Reviews

    Most modern music is made to generate profit, but Björk's Biophilia embraces the universal qualities of life to educate the listener through an eclectic array of sounds.



    Drive: an arthouse minimalist’s Grand Theft Auto

    The gears shift, the wheel turns slightly, adjusting the force of the car in the dark night. The head- lights warble by, their hues lost in bokeh trails.



    Kanye West, Jay-Z kick off Watch the Throne tour in ATL

    Seeing Jay-Z and Kanye West sitting onstage like two old friends as they performed "New Day" before seamlessly transitioning into "Hard Knock Life" was just one of the highlights of their show at Philips Arena last Saturday.


    Atlanta Ballet defies expectations

    Atlanta Ballet presents challenging yet beautiful contemporary pieces

    If you've ever thought ballet was a cookie-cutter dance style, think again.



    Album Reviews

    Real Estate Days Domino       Reverb-soaked beach rock is ever more commonplace nowadays, but the New Jersey trio Real Estate takes a different approach than most. Instead of copping the traditional, upbeat coastal melodies of yesteryear like many of their contemporaries, Real Estate opts for a sound with as much in common with the Beach Boys as the Cure on their new offering, Days.


    Atlanta’s best bets for Halloween

    If Halloween was a band, it would be M83.

  • On The Water Future Islands Thrill Jockey


    Music doesn't really need anymore break-up songs — or at least synth-pop surely doesn't.


    Ladytron: growing up but never selling out

    For a musician, being successful can mean a variety of things. You can be commercially successful, enjoying hordes of fans and gratuitous radio play, or you can be artistically successful, which is what virtually every musician will at least claim to strive for.

  • Vegetarian Taste of Atlanta presents city’s best veggie fare

    On Saturday, the Vegetarian Taste of Atlanta was held in the Castleberry Hills neighborhood of Atlanta. Approximately 50 visitors attended, including a few Georgia State students.



    Local bike co-op raises money, awareness through art auction

    I drove around all day looking for bikes. From shop to shop, store to store, on four wheels, to find and examine and take pictures of bicycles. I drive up, park and go in and just stand there and stare at the bike on the wall.


    Cinefest hosts films from

    Georgia State's Cinefest began hosting movies from the Atlanta Asian Film Festival (AAFF) Oct. 8, featuring entertaining and informative films from various Asian countries.



    Health problems may prevent Rick Ross from performing homecoming concert

    Rapper Rick Ross, who is slated to headline the homecoming concert at the Tabernacle Friday, suffered two seizures on Oct. 14.

  • Courtesy of Indomina Releasing

    Historical fantasy meets awesome fight scenes in Detective Dee

    Director Tsui Hark may not be a household name, but in critical circles, he's known for his visionary work in film. The grand aesthetic of Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame proves that this reputation is deserved.


  • Blink-182 Neighborhoods DGC Record

    Album Reviews

    From shooting stars and wishing wells to police cars with loaded guns, Blink-182's new album alludes to every subject under the sun.

  • Footloose gets grittier modern-day remake

    When the news that a remake of Footloose, the classic 1984 film starring Kevin Bacon, would hit the big screen Oct. 14, skepticism arose.


  • Michelle Asci | The Signal

    FLUX 2011: An artistic takeover of Atlanta

    I'm standing at the front of a crowd of people, pressed against a rusty chain-link fence, watching the building on the other side explode.



    Lalita Balakrishnan: finding the rhythm of life, one beat at a time

    Rapper Jay-Z and tabla player Zakir Hussein aren't normally mentioned in the same conversation. Jay-Z is one of the best rappers of all time and heralded as much for his lyrical ability as his business acumen.

  • Hip hop festival returns to Atlanta

    From Oct. 6 through 8, Atlanta will play host to rappers, beatmakers and hip-hop heads alike as the A3C festival returns. The festival, which is now in its seventh year, is a two-day, three-night event that features live performances, meet-and-greets and discussions with some of hip-hop's most talented up-and-coming artists.

  • signal

    Eyedrum’s back now whaaaaaat??

    Eyedrum, oh Eyedrum. The champion of Atlanta's emerging and underground artists. What have you guys been up to? The well-known Atlanta staple, bringing to the city a dose of culture in all things creative for over a decade, left its much-esteemed former location on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive last year, but has yet to find another place to call home.

  • Cinefest to host horror film fest

    October has always been a spooky, scary kind of month. It seems there's always something around the corner, hiding in a pile of leaves or on a crisp, hollow breath of wind. A haunting chill starts to set in before winter comes, jackets start to zip up higher and higher and we start seeing less and less skin, leaving floating heads crouched in hoods scurrying hurriedly from place to place, as if being outside exposes them to some very real spectral threat in the nature and atmosphere of autumn.


  • Disney Enterprises, Inc.

    Lion King 3D adds a new dimension to an old classic

    I can't recall the number of times I've seen The Lion King during my young life. Originally released in 1994, most of my peers were barely out of diapers when the childhood classic first made it to the big screen. Now, some 16 years later, The Lion King is back and just as incredible as I remember it being — only now it's in 3D.

  • SaaKiB ZaFrani | tHe SiGnaL

    Lupe Fiasco, Young Marqus play Tabernacle

    You have to be some kind of man to open your performance with a song sampling Jay-Z, considered by many to be one of the greatest rappers of all time.


  • Joan Marcus

    Broadway favorite Wicked visits Fox Theatre

    The mesmerizing Broadway musical Wicked returns to Atlanta this month for a special performance at the Fox Theater. Based on the novel by Gregory Maguire, Wicked explores why evil becomes evil.


  • CourteSY oF aLLieD inteGrateD marKetinG

    For Rogen and Reiser, laughter is the best medicine

    Kurt Vonnegut once said that, "laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward." When screenwriter Will Reiser found out he had cancer six years ago, he took a similar approach. Con- fronted with a diagnosis that called into question any chance of a future, Reiser and longtime friend Seth Rogen (Pineapple Express) did what they do best: make jokes.

  • ZaCK Kraimer | SiGnaL

    Music Mecca

    From the much-antipated return of Music Midtown to the boho revelry of Little Five Fest, Atlanta pla

    Darling Norman rocked it out in their appearance at this year's Little Five Fest.

  • Kevin Mazur

    A look back at 10 years of garage rock

    In the year 2000, rock 'n' roll was all but dead. Consumer taste, fed by an extra-large helping of the '80s and '90s, had pivoted toward hip-hop, DJs and boy bands. The few rock bands with any sort of popularity are still the butt of jokes today: Linkin Park, Creed, Staind, et al.

    Although some may rally at the idea of a Linkin Parkl-ed rock scene, times were bleak for those with post-adolescent musical tastes.

    Understandably hungry for change, critics began paying close attention to the rise of several local bands, each from different parts of the world, and declared that the saviors of rock 'n' roll had arrived. It's only been a decade since the garage rock revival took hold of popular music, and although tastes may have taken another turn, it's still worth recognizing some of the bands behind the movement.

  •  Lily and the Tigers

    Eight bands to watch in Atlanta’s music scene

    Blair Crimmins and the Hookers

    Any fan of ragtime and vaudeville is sure to love this merry band of troubadours, but fans of any kind of music can appreciate their raucous old-time style. Consisting of everything from a three-part brass section to piano, banjo and upright bass, this massive project has an equally huge sound, both live and in the studio. These guys play around town a fair amount, so check them out next time you're looking for a rambunctious night out.

  • Das Racist Relax Greedhead Musi

    Album Review


    Even though Relax is only the debut album from Das Racist, the duo has somehow managed to become one the biggest names in alternative hip hop. Das Racist falls in the new category of groups that probably wouldn't exist if not for the Internet. In 2008, their first single, "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell," was enough to spread their name across a number of blogs, and from there the successive mixtapes Shut Up, Dude and Sit Down, Man kept their name relevant. With three years of experience, one would think Das Racist would have only honed and improved their style, yet every time I hear them, I can't help but like them less. Their initial style was born out of their lazy yet verbose flow, yet they have pushed the concept to the point to where their rhymes feel supremely boring.

  • Fan favorite Star Fox 64 made a seamless transition to the Nintendo 3DS.

    Nintendo releases 3DS remake of Star Fox 64

    Shocker: Although the Nintendo 64 had some truly seminal and critically adored games, it was ultimately a disappointment. If you disagree, try to name a good N64 game not made by Rareware (Banjo-Kazooie, Goldeneye, Diddy Kong Racing, etc.) or Nintendo. Of course, most people of our generation probably disagree with this sentiment, instead feeling nothing but undying loyalty for what avid gamers see as a pretty mediocre system. Luckily for this group, Nintendo has taken to remastering the graphics on N64 games, and releasing them on their newest handheld, the 3DS. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time got this treatment earlier this year, and now it's time for fan-favorite Star Fox 64 to get the same reappraisal.

    Another shocker: Star Fox 64 is still hella great. Everything you remember from Star Fox — the large scale dogfights, ducking and weaving between asteroids and enemy pilots — it's all still there.

    And with higher presentation values and the inherent portability of being a 3DS game, Star Fox 64 3D feels like a game designed specifically to be played on the 3DS, an accolade few games on the system can boast.

    The only complaint is lack of online multiplayer, but it's hard to weigh that too heavily. Star Fox 64 was never about its multiplayer, and the same remains true today. If you have a 3DS, any time you've spent not buying, or working for the money to buy Star Fox 64 3D has been utterly wasted. Get cracking.

  • Judy Kim | The Signal

    Betsey Johnson’s flirty new fall styles

    Dark colors, black, cut-outs and flounce meet a huge splash of bright hot pink: That's the best way to describe the Betsey Johnson Fall 2011 Fashion Collection, or at least the inspiration for the playful and flirty dresses that are now part of the company's collection.



  • Sony Pictures Publicity

    Bucky Larson: more than meets the eye

    You wouldn't expect Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star — a movie about a young man who decides to pursue a career in adult films after discovering his parents were once porn stars — to provide a fresh perspective on sexuality. If anything,

    1 comment

  • Tyler Kohlhoff

    Starfucker on music, near-death experiences

    It speaks to the versatility of Starfucker that lead songwriter Josh Hodges can manage to have a coherent conversation with me after nearly dying in a car wreck.

  • Mates of State Mountaintops Barsuk Records


    Artists have to open up and be completely vulnerable in order to relate to their audience, and Mates of State have exactly that on their latest album, Mountaintops.



    March of the Muses

    Come out to see the lovely ladies of Minette Magnifique put on the

    most memorable burlesque show you've ever seen. There's limited

    seating, though, so you'll have to get your tickets fast if you want to get

    in on the action.


  • Various Artists

    Album Reviews

    Various Artists The Green Album Walt Disney Records It's hard to remember the Mup­pets with anything but fondness. Whether it was gained from The Muppet Show, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, Labyrinth, Muppet Babies or any of the countless Muppet mov­ies, there will always be something incredibly special about Kermit and the gang.

  • Michelle Asci | The Signal

    Bikes, nostalgia at Plaza Theatre

    On Sept. 6, The Plaza Theatre invited bike enthusiasts and movie buffs alike to view a display of bike art and a showing of Tim Burton's cult classic film, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.


  • Aysha Johnson | The Signal

    Luda, Neon Trees face off at Soundclash

    Judy Kim

    In one corner is Ludacris: world-renowned rapper, the lyrical genius behind "Move Bitch" and arguably Georgia State's most famous former student.

  • Spoon Lake Blues

    Eccentric musical legends to visit ATL

    Black Moth Super Rainbow is back. After a two-year hiatus, the ragtag collection of aural explorers has returned to melt any and all eardrums with its fifth release, Psychic Love Damage.