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‘God will give me justice’

Published: Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Updated: Saturday, October 10, 2009 11:10

The “Count of Monte Cristo” is a truly superb movie to begin the year with. It has the basic elements that modern day film should: action, romance and justice.

Alexandre Dumas may not have envisioned such a magnificent feat for his novel, but so is the case with this awe-inspiring production.

We meet our hero, Edmond Dantes. He is an honest sailor born the son of a clerk and has everything he can possibly desire.

A gift of a ship and hence the rank of captain, a best friend who sees him through everything and a beautiful fiancée who ties a piece of string around her finger as a wedding ring.

Enter Fernand, Edmond’s best friend – son of a count with the need to have whatever Edmond has worked so hard for, especially Mercedes, his fiancée.

His plan unfolds with the imprisonment of Edmond in Chateau D'If, a merciless island made especially for people like Edmond who are sent there for a reason unknown.

We live with our hero through his 13 years in prison; we meet Priest as Edmond calls him, an inmate who educates him in both academia and battle, all in return for help in escaping.

Priest dies before they can escape, but not without giving Edmond a map to the secret treasure of Sparta.

After this we follow Edmond on his clever escape from Chateau D'If and on his quest for vengeance towards Fernand.

Only the first ten minutes of the movie are slowpaced but once it picks up, you realize that you may have known the plot of the movie before coming in but the twists and surprises are fantastic.

The quote above “God will give me justice,” is a strong element in the film and we can clearly see why in the movie. This is surely because of Edmond’s belief in faith, fate and then faith again.

It is even engraved in stone to show the film’s tremendous yet hidden affair with religion. This isn’t a religious movie but it gives you something to think about.

All actors give a commendable performance through out the movie. Edmond is played by James Caviezel, and his eyes haunt you at every camera closeup. Caviezel is well known for his roles in movies like “Angel Eyes” and “Madison.”

Fernand is played by Guy Pearce, who makes you hate the very mention of his name throughout the movie, he is well known for his part in movies like “LA Confidential” and “Rules of Engagement.”

Director Kevin Reynolds who has done a great job collaborating everyone and everything is famous for movies like “187,” “Purple Rain” and “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.”

Great cast, good story and marvelous production – you have an ideal movie to catch this weekend. The Count of Monte Cristo is rated PG-13 for some violence and little sensuality. I give it a four star rating. If you like “Mask of Zorro” then without a doubt you will adore this movie too.

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