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Nearly 125 arrested during clean sweep on Fulton Industrial Blvd

"This will not be just a one time only effort"

Published: Thursday, August 30, 2007

Updated: Saturday, October 10, 2009 10:10

123 people found themselves sitting in the Fulton County jail during a recent sweep of Fulton Industrial Blvd.

The area is located west of the city of Atlanta on interstate 20. Plagued with various crimes such as loitering and prostitution, the Fulton police and sheriff came together in a joint effort to suppress the crime.

Lt. H. Cotton-Tukes from the police department explained the nature of the Crime Suppression Detail during a townhall meeting hosted by Commissioner Emma Darnell. The detail is a joint law enforcement initiative with the Fulton County Sheriff's Department and major case, patrol and special operations divisions of the Fulton police department, she explained.

Cotton-Tukes provided the following numbers of the arrests made during the Crime Suppression Detail: -80 arrests for loitering/prowling -Five arrests for marijuana possession -One arrest each for criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, battery, vehicle hijacking -Six arrests for cocaine possession -Nine arrests for prostitution -Four arrests for panhandling Also, during the detail, there were 89 incident reports handled by the officers. The incidents reported ranged from verbal disputes to assault. Cotton-Tukes commended the Sheriff's Department for their involvement. "I really like that the Sheriff has signed on with this joint effort," she said.

Other efforts to improve safety on Fulton Industrial came from Commissioner Bill Edwards. Edwards, whose district covers the other end of Fulton Industrial near Camp Creek Pkwy and the Douglas County line reports that first phrase of the detail, happened on July 27.

On that date, 40 physical arrests were made along with the issuance of 42 citations. A missing juvenile from Dekalb County was located in the area. He also reported a road safety check was conducted in the 3700 block of Wendell Drive. Wendell is located between interstate 20 and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

While many residents and business owners praised the work, she stated that this would not be a one-day only effort. "We can't just do this one time," she said. "It has to be a continuous effort. We will continue to work very hard to improve the quality of life on the Fulton Industrial Blvd. Corridor." Another complaint a resident expressed about the area was the lack of a police precinct. According to Cotton-Tukes, the precinct for the area is located at the South Fulton service center on Stonewall Tell Rd. The building is located off of South Fulton Pkwy near Union City. She explained that officers are always on duty in the area. "A precinct does not matter. When the dispatcher sends out a call, there are officers already on beat patrol in the area," she said. "We also have retired officers at the Charlie Brown Airport who assist these officers out there."

To add more complexity to the issue, the area is up to be moved to the proposed City of South Fulton if the cityhood referendum passes next month. The countywide vote on Fulton Industrial will take place in November.

For more information about Crime Suppression in the Fulton Industrial area, contact either Cotton-Tukes or Darnell. Cotton-Tukes can be reached at (770)-306-3005. Darnell can be reached at (404)-612-8222

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