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The Urbanite Gives You Valentine's Day Ideas For Your Significant Other

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Published: Thursday, February 12, 2004

Updated: Saturday, October 10, 2009 11:10

Well boys, here we are again. Whether you're in a relationship, just starting one or simply have a close girl friend (we know you want her), you're not getting off the hook when Valentine's Day rolls around.

Women are complex creatures, but here's a simple rule to live by: no matter how many times they insist that V-day isn't a big deal, it totally is. Think about it—what girl doesn't want to feel extra special when seemingly every other woman gets the romantic, rosy attention on the 14th? If you're in a long-term relationship, this is more complicated. Roses and chocolates, the easy way out, won't cut it. You have to come up with a new idea, something creative, something (*shudder*) thoughtful.

If reading this has brought into fruition your greatest fear so far this year, let me ease your mind. I'm a woman. I've gotten a lot of cheese (that's metaphorical) and a little bit of quality, and I'm going to help you differentiate between the two. Read on…we'll work through this together. Baby steps…baby steps…

Idea #1: You know how girls get together for "beauty nights?" Show her that this doesn't always have to be a girls' thing. Surprise her with a terry cloth robe, hair treatment, face mask and sensual oils with which to give her a massage. Take it a step further and fulfill what Sharon Stone says is the most intimate act—shave her legs. To you this sounds froo-froo, but she'll be blown away. Just remember you can never be too slow. As you apply the hair treatment, slowly move your fingertips on her scalp in a circular motion. Slowly and softly put on her face mask. And the massage speaks for itself. Slow. Slow means you're paying attention to and care about every inch of her.

Idea #2: Here's a twist on a romantic dinner. Find out her favorite food and transform your dining room into that genre. For instance, if she really likes Italian, find some Italian-style music, get some ivy and grapes and make a killer Italian meal. Make sure you get the appropriate wine to go with the food. Light some candles that go with the theme—merlot-scented in this scenario. Try to get some flowers that you might find in the country from which the food originates and for the final touch, dress up as a dreamy hunk from that country. Work on your fake accent and you'll have her laughing as well as swooning—and you know the way to a woman's heart is to make her laugh.

Idea #3: Give her a day of pure, clean fun. Take her to breakfast at IHOP and suggest getting the chocolate chip smiley-face pancake or the Rutti Tutti Fresh ‘n' Fruity. Next stop, "Candy Unwrapped," an interactive exhibit at SciTrek that shows you how candy is made, lets you make candy and then eat it. You can even try the life-size Candyland game. Top it all off with a trip to the Johnny Rockets. Pick a fun love song off the jukebox and sing it to her. If you're really daring, ask the staff to sing and dance along with you. Make sure to bring your camera, because this is one Valentine's Day she'll never want to forget.

There are countless ways to wow your lady this Valentine's Day, and only you really know the best way to do it. If these suggestions don't work for you, think about things she's mentioned more than once in the past couple of weeks and get it or do it for her. Do something out of character that you know she'll enjoy. Even if it seems silly or frivolous to you, women love the little things, and they especially love it when they know their man is swallowing his pride or losing his face to make her happy. Everyone has creativity, you just have to open your mind and let the juices flow. Remember to make her the center of your attention, and make sure you keep a smile on her face.

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