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Tensions at SGA meeting

> Tension and confusion stirred tonight at the Student Government Association full senate meeting, as J. Mack Robinson College of Business senator Rion Field faced potential expulsion from the Senate.    Fields was already on probation for missing several SGA events, including the SGA Retreat last summer and previous SGA meetings. Full story


Student fee update:

Gim outlook for Office of Sustainability

> For the second year in a row, the Student Activity Fee Committee did not request an increase in the Student Activity Fee to the Mandatory Fee Committee, postponing the acquisition of funding that would create an Office of Sustainability. Dr. Michael Black, a lecturer at Georgia State, told the SAFC that with an increase of $3 to each student, Georgia State would be able to fund an office that would help create a more sustainable campus and help students who have an interest in becoming more environmentally friendly. Full story

other comments; most expensive

Accessible State

New faculty associate on disabilities plans improvements for all students

> Georgia State’s commitment to serving disabled members of its community has grown with the creation of a new position in the College of Education, the faculty associate on disabilities. Dr. Judith Emerson, a recent hire from the University of Southern Mississippi, was appointed the faculty associate on disabilities in July and will chair the Disabilities Initiatives Committee (DIC) starting this month. Full story

Ceylan, Melinda

Fighting for reproductive rights

GRJAN help underprivileged receive women’s healthcare


Scarcity of sex education, women’s healthcare resources and emotional support for underprivileged women in Georgia leaves them helpless when making tough decisions. Georgia Reproductive Justice Access Network is trying to change that.

Full story


Time is running out for Georgia voters! You have until Oct. 6 to register for the general election. The state of Georgia does not allow day of registration. If you do not register by Oct. 6 you will not be able to vote for the next U.S. president. Not 18 yet? Fear not—if you are going to turn 18 by Nov. 4 you can still register today. is Georgia Secretary of State Brain Kemp’s website and has every resource for registering and finding your polling place in Georgia. is an easy to use website that can help students who may or may not be Georgia residents register to vote online. Not going to your home state in time to vote? No excuse; absentee ballot options are designed for students and other voters that cannot return to their designated polling place on Nov. 4. Oh yeah, you can vote early too. See you at the polls, Georgia State!

E-reserve appeal

Landmark copyright case could go back to the courtroom

> Cambridge University press released a statement last week announcing their plans to appeal the ruling of the e-reserve lawsuit against Georgia State. “We believe Judge Evans’ decision provides thoughtful and careful guidance concerning the application of fair use in higher education,” said Andrea Jones, vice president of communication for Georgia State. Full story

Georgia State programs make top ten rankings

> Georgia State continues to take top rank in best universities in the nation. U.S. News’ 2013 ranking of top colleges in the country places Georgia State programs high up on the list. For best graduate programs insurance is fourth in the nation, with management information systems hitting the number eight position and real estate at number ten. Full story


It's all happening

> We’re on the eve of Georgia State’s greatest milestone: the centennial. It’s a celebration no different than a boy entering manhood. Like a Bar Mitzvah, perhaps. The excitement is evident in this school year’s theme. Our football team, performance flaws aside, has been ramping up initiatives to draw in the fans. Full story

Failure to launch

> Georgia State students are in a pickle. Not only has the average graduation time for students passed four years, but students are also graduating into a job market that is less than desirable. Since 1996, Atlanta has been poised to become an international metropolis, but somehow we’ve experienced what I can only describe as “failure to launch. Full story

New ways for homeless people to make money

> It’s interesting that homeless people ask students for money. As a college student, I have no money, and, like the homeless, when I do have money, I usually spend it on alcohol. This is why if the homeless are to get money from students, they need to step up their efforts and get a bit creative. Full story

Bottles & Baggies

We’ve all heard some one say “I don’t do drugs,” but in this day and age, how many people can honestly say it? We live in a society so medicated that who can draw the line at what is and isn’t a “drug?” Full story

Fill me up, buttercup

Have you seen the new water fountain by the University Bookstore? It’s freaking awesome. I’m not even kidding, I love this water fountain. It’s a little bit unsettling how much I love this water fountain; I’ve never felt this way about a piece of plumbing before. It’s the Cadillac of water fountains. Full story

Step up your bathroom graffiti

Let’s step up the graffiti efforts, Georgia State! Nobody cares about your tag or your friend’s phone number. Here are a few of my ideas you can try out. Full story

Building a future for journalists at Georgia State

Compared on paper to Georgia State’s major competition in that field in particular, the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, Georgia State isn’t exactly the rival powerhouse it should be. Full story

You Know Nothing

> Okay, I’ll be the first to admit I know nothing about politics. I know I should be ashamed about this, but unfortunately, I am not. It’s not that I don’t care about what’s going on in the world, because I do. I care about who runs this country and I understand that the decisions they make could impact not only this country, but the entire world. Full story

Behind the Stacks

> We meet again, monger.  The sun was shining, I was wearing a tie and you were dressed in cardboard; how long are we going to play this game?  How long are we going to have to run in circles?  I still don’t understand how the pro-choice debate has anything to with the Holocaust or slavery in the Americas. Full story

Why stop at just music?

> You know how on every Tuesday and Thursday you get this instinctive desire to dance and listen to music loudly? Usually around noon when you’re still not totally awake, right? Yeah, me too. That’s why I’m so thankful Georgia State always hosts music and dancing during this time in the courtyard. Full story

Algebra is Greek to me


Algebra is pretty much already in Greek, and having it explained to me in any other language than English sets me up for failure.

Full story

Unsolicited advice: turned up or turned out?

The school year has begun again and for many of us it’s back to business as usual: late nights of procrastination, treasuring precious moments of sleep—things we’re use to. For others, such as our new Class of 2016 and a few others, life has changed dramatically. Full story


Player of the Week

Jamie Freeman

> Position: Outside Hitter Height: 5’8” Year: Senior Major: Exercise science This week, Freeman had a stellar performance both at the GSU Invitational as well as the Georgia Tech Classic. With 18 kills and 15 digs against Mercer, the Decatur, Ala. native put up her second double-double of the season and led the team to a victory. Full story

Womp womp

Ate the dust

Georgia State still can't obtain their first victory of the season

> Georgia State was defeated by the Roadrunners of The University of Texas at San Antonio Saturday night by a final score of 38-14. The loss was the Panther’s third defeat in the season and leaves them still searching for their first victory. “We have to start out playing well,” head coach Bill Curry said after the game. Full story

Cross Country

Cross country teams go the distance

> After the first three weeks of competition, Georgia State’s cross country men’s and women’s teams started off their first season in the Sun Belt Conference on the right foot. On Aug. 31, senior Katharine Showalter opened up the season placing first in the 5K women’s race against Clemson. Full story

Maryam Dogo

Worlds Apart

Maryam Dogo's journey from Africa to play basketball in America

> Maryam Dogo has never seen or chased a lion in the wild. “I’ve seen more wild animals since I have been in the U.S. then when I was back home,” Dogo said.  “You don’t see them, unless you go to the zoo.  That’s where you see wild animals.” Dogo, a native of Kaduna, Nigeria, has, however, seen and lived situations that many outsiders will only witness from the comfort of their living room couches during a World News segment with Diane Sawyer. Full story


Georgia State fans disappointed in season opener

Although more than 18,000 fans attended Thursday’s game, many of them left during the third quarter, leaving the student section almost empty. Full story

Kunle Lumpkin

Remembering Kunle Lumpkin

Still in shock after losing Ayokunle Lumpkin, head coach Brett Surrency and the men’s soccer team has to manage to get back on their feet for the season. Lumpkin may have graduated from Georgia State last school year, but his former teammates are still reeling from the loss. Full story


The best of times, the worst of times

Georgia State football's most prideful and pitiful moments so far

The three best and three worst moments in Georgia State football. Full story


Big guy, little guy

How size has influenced Georgia State’s biggest and smallest football players' lives

> Terrance Woodard It’s no surprise that Terrance Woodard never got in a fight in his life. Not only because of his pacific personality, but because he is 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 320 pounds. Who would mess with this guy? The junior noseguard is the biggest player on Georgia State football team’s roster and said that the only time he ever felt small was when he stood next to Georgia State’s basketball team. Full story

Sports Briefs

> Men’s soccer faced two local rivals last weekend – Georgia Southern and Mercer. On Friday, the Panthers defeated Georgia Southern for 3-0 with two goals from William Mellors-Blair and one from Peter Vania. Against Mercer on Sunday, the Panthers fell 2-0, with the two goals received in the second half. Full story

Column: Take your shades off

> Certainly, it’s worth letting students know whenever the university is offering cool promotional offers like free food, glow-in-the-dark T-shirts or light-up shades, especially since we probably paid for it somewhere down the line. So while the reasoning motivating the video is understandable, namely to promote what has up-until-now been a largely lackluster student presence for Georgia State’s first late-night game, the video’s poor production and execution caused it to flounder miserably. Full story


Spending on the right track

> The Georgia State Athletic Department has found a new, fast medium to carry their advertisements for the 2012 football season – MARTA. “This is going to get us in front of a more hip crowd that uses social media and technology as their major method of news and communication,” said Matt Newhouse, the Assistant Athletic Director of Marketing. Full story



Here are the Sun Belt teams that The Signal believes could become rivals for the Panthers.

> University of South Alabama University of South Alabama, like Georgia State, has an infant football program. They went undefeated in their first two years, but a 6-4 record last year cut their run. They outscored their opponents 730-141 those first two years. Full story

Matt Hubbard: King of Punts

> 6-foot-4-inches is no usual height for a punter. But Matt Hubbard is in charge of punting for Georgia State’s football team, and so far, he hasn’t disappointed. Matt Hubbard’s 80-yard punt on Georgia State’s season opener left the fans speechless as they followed the ball with their eyes, wondering if it would ever hit ground again. Full story


The Russell Hustle

Student-athlete splits time between football and school

> Every football player has his own way of getting pumped before a game. In Georgia State running back Donald Russell’s case, he prefers to be calm rather than hyper. “I like to listen to a few Alicia Keys and Rihanna songs,” Russell said. “Nothing too jumpy, just something to calm me down. Full story

Music Midtown

  • Piedmont Park

    The resurrection of Music Midtown

    Returning to its rightful place in Piedmont Park for the second year, the music festival is primed t

    While the recent revival of Music Midtown has brought both economic success and culture to Atlanta, some raise concerns about the potential negative impact to Piedmont Park. Chris Nelson, the vice president of operations at Piedmont Park, thinks that Music Midtown is good for Atlanta.

  • Garbage

    Garbage speaks

    Steve Marker of Garbage talks Music Midtown, James Bond, world touring and upcoming albums

    The Signal: What is it like playing at a big event like Music Midtown; is it a good experience for you as a band, or would you rather play in a smaller venue? Steve Marker: You know, the wonderful thing about where we are right now is that I don’t have to answer that question because we have a whole spectrum of shows this year, ranging from 300,000 people in Russia—which was a massive crowd—which was so exciting and cool and we couldn’t believe it, and tonight were playing a much smaller club here in Richmond, VA, and that’s gonna be great too, because its all hardcore fans who have waited a long time to come to this show, and it’s a very intimate venue and that’s going to be great, too.

  • The setlist wishlist

    Here's our list, let us know your wishlist on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit (/r/gastate)

    Maybe they’ll perform these, maybe they won’t. But every fan who attends a concert hopes their favorite song will be performed. Pearl Jam Yellow Ledbetter-“Lost Dogs” Black-“Ten” Daughter-“Vs.” Betterman-“Vitalogy” Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town-“Vs.

  • Listen before you go

    Need a playlist before heading to one of Atlanta’s biggest music fests of the year? We suggest:

    Pearl Jam “Vs.” (1993) “Ten” may be the Seattle grunge band’s definitive album, but “Vs.” is the album that solidified their place in rock history. Classic anthems like “Animal” and “Daughter” moved the band from angst-ridden ranters to thoughtful social commentators, but the album’s powers lies within the players.

  • Parking tips for Music Midtown

    This year Music Midtown will be taking place in the 10th Street Meadow in Piedmont Park.      While some parking will be available close to the park it is expected to be extremely limited because all residential streets around the park will be closed to non-residents.

  • Woodfire Grill

    Good eats after the show

    Where to go after Music Midtown winds down

    Partying all night at a concert really does work up an appetite, especially when you are at the Music Midtown grooving to artists like the Foo Fighters and Ludacris. The problem is finding restaurants that stay open all night. Well, come along and pick out your flavor of eatery with this delicious 24-hour restaurant guide of Midtown.

  • Concert apps

    Best apps for concertgoers

    Thanks to these handy apps, your smart phone can now be your best concert buddy.

    Friend Finder Trying to find friends at concerts can be a real pain. This app is designed to make it easier. It comes equipped with photos of common concert setups so users can show their friends where they are in a crowd of people. You can put an “I am here” sticker on any of those photos or a photo you take yourself, and then send it to your friends.

  • Column: Artist delight

    Atlanta is doing more than putting on shows, they're building a culture

    Atlanta is coming up in the world of art and culture. As more nonprofits geared towards art develop public programs and as festivals consume our calendars, more people have more opportunities to participate in and appreciate public art. With Music Midtown just around the corner, it’s obvious how excited people have gotten to see their favorite bands.

Record Reviews

To Rome With Love

Now playing at Cinefest

"To Rome with Love" and "Manhattan"

> To Rome with Love (2012) Director: Woody Allen This comedy tells the story of a well-known American architect reliving his youth, a middle-class Roman who finds himself Rome’s biggest celebrity, a young couple who finds themselves in separate love affiars, and an American opera director striving to give a singing mortician a chance on stage. Full story

Movie Reviews

Technology Reviews

Restaurant Reviews

Stepping over the line

Aggressive solicitation on campus

> "Hi, do you have a few minutes for ____ ?” There are many outstanding organizations that solicit on the Georgia State campus. However, the people who represent these organizations, usually wearing red, green or blue vests, can sometimes come off too strong. Full story


African born, American raised

> Business isn’t everything, but everything is a business.” This is the motto that Edward “Prohaize” Minta lives by. But business is what recently shocked the local Atlanta rapper and Georgia State business major. Early Sunday morning, on Aug. 26, Minta was in a near-death accident due to falling asleep at the wheel. Full story

Alex Morrison

Metal and Medicine

Fraternity president balances rock and school

Alex Morrison isn’t just the drummer for a popular local band. He’s also the president of Georgia State’s Jewish Fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi, and he’s one of the friendliest people you could ever meet. Full story

Nude Modeling

Skin deep

Nude figure modeling has been around for centuries as a supplement to art classes. Though not controversial in most respects, some discomfort associated with the practice remains. Full story

Evin Fowler

Finding their own direction

Despite the lack of film production classes at Georgia State, students are making their films happen

It’s old news that the Georgia State Film Department has a severe lack of production courses. Faculty and students alike want the same thing: for students to make films. Full story

Column: Art or pornography?

The Hyuro mural does nothing to encourage sexual thoughts. The “real” danger is in the fact that it encourages thought in general. Thoughts about women, about sexuality, about natural and unnatural tendencies of mankind. Full story

Arts & Living


The *Con this city deserves

Dragon*Con, one of the largest science fiction and fantasy conventions in the nation, took over downtown Atlanta Labor Day weekend as fans celebrated an extensive canon of their favorite pop culture figures and themes. The conference encompasses five large downtown hotels: The Marriott, the Hyatt Regency, the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel, The Hilton and The Sheraton. Full story


Vemma Youth Revolution?

> The Vemma energy drink is gaining popularity on college campuses because it  provides drinkers with the day’s essential vitamins and minerals. A likelier reason is that students are learning more about the business opportunities Vemma may have for them. Full story

From the experts: how to get the most out of your internship

> Sometimes a student lands a dream internship at a company they respect and admire, only to have their dream turn into a nightmare. Maybe when the student begins their internship, no one gives them a clear idea of what their responsibilities are, or perhaps their supervisor informs them that their only responsibility will be making coffee or running errands. Full story